The “stupid” thing about such a half-time is, “it’s bad, the good thing is, it’s easy to improve,” said Klopp. “And then we thought, let’s try that now that we’re there.” The substitution of Luis Díaz, who scored in the 67th minute, paid off. Before that Fabinho (62nd), then Sadio Mané (75th) was successful for Liverpool.

    He told the boys before the game that he wanted to read the headline: “The mentality monsters were in town,” said Klopp, who translated the Spanish into Spanish: “Mentalidad monstruoso”.

    In the Premier League, Liverpool is one point behind Man City in the final phase of the season. In the FA Cup final on May 14 in London, Chelsea with coach Thomas Tuchel are the opponents. Liverpool have already won the League Cup this year – against Chelsea.

    “The excitement is there, I don’t have to do much. We play every game that was possible on the schedule,” said Klopp. “We’ve gone through everything, we’re playing all the finals, there’s a reason nobody’s won the quadruple yet.”