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LOOK. Will there be more snow and will it stay? Weatherman David Dehenauw said this on Saturday


Today, RMI is warning with code yellow throughout Flanders for slippery roads

The RMI warns of slippery roads today, caused by the combination of freezing cold and a precipitation zone that moves from the west to the east during the day. The situation on the roads is therefore delicate, the weather service warns.

Snow falls first today. “I estimate between 0 and 2 centimeters,” says VTM weatherman David Dehenauw. “Locally it may be more, but that will in any case be followed by rain during the afternoon.” That rain can freeze, causing ice on the roads.

The chance of this seems greatest for the west of the country, according to the RMI. In the south of the country there will be light snowfall and quantities will remain limited.

Code yellow applies today in all provinces, with the exception of Namur and Luxembourg. On the coast, in West and East Flanders, this already applied to slippery conditions since yesterday. In Brussels, Flemish Brabant and Antwerp from 12 noon, in Limburg from 3 pm.

The RMI warns with code yellow for slippery conditions. © RMI


The first snow fell in West Flanders on Saturday, today it is the turn of the rest of Flanders

In West Flanders it already happened yesterday. Snowflakes fell from the sky and a layer of snow even remained. That produced some beautiful images. A carpet of snow may appear in the rest of Flanders on Sunday. “Then a snow zone is coming our way,” said VTM weatherman Frank Duboccage.

LOOK. Snow already fell from the sky in West Flanders on Saturday


LOOK. There is the first snow in Bruges

Some snow was expected throughout West Flanders on Saturday. A layer of snow was also announced in Bruges and it arrived during the morning. Hikers immediately set out to enjoy the view. Some additional snow is expected during the day. Snowflakes also fall from the sky at the seaside.

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