Live ticker VfL Osnabrück – FC St. Pauli (2nd Bundesliga 2023/2024, 16th matchday)



The game is almost over, can VfL possibly turn the game around completely or will the guests still get the away three points?



Tooor for VfL Osnabrück, 1:1 by Charalambos Makridis

The stadium is upside down! The blatant outsider actually evens things up! After a throw-in from the right, Engelhardt brings the ball flat into the center. There Conteh extends to the second post to Makridis, who effortlessly pushes the ball over the line from close range.


10:10 p.m

Lars Ritzka

Substitution at FC St. Pauli: Lars Ritzka



Manolis Saliakas

Substitution at FC St. Pauli: Manolis Saliakas



Niklas Wiemann

Yellow card for Niklas Wiemann (VfL Osnabrück)

In a game that was played fairly overall, referee Schwengers now pulls out the second yellow card after Wiemann’s rustic entry.



And now almost the equalizer on the other side! Cuisance runs in well and is served flat on the left pentagon. Vasilj can just wipe his direct shot over the crossbar with his strong left hand. He keeps the lead with that brilliant reflex!


10:05 p.m

And again Kühn saves in the Osnabrücker Tor! After a deflected cross from the right, the ball lands around seven meters in front of the goal to Hartel, who pulls away from the turn. The Osnabrück goalkeeper quickly gets down and can parry for a corner.


10:04 p.m


Substitution at FC St. Pauli: Maurides



Elias Saad

Substitution at FC St. Pauli: Elias Saad



Osnabrück keeps pushing and pushing for the equalizing goal, they often get corners, but are not yet able to convert them. The equalizer currently seems closer than 0:2.


10:00 p.m

The game is still very competitive, perhaps the fresh talent can make the difference once again.


9:59 p.m

Jannes Wulff

Substitution at VfL Osnabrück: Jannes Wulff


9:59 p.m

Robert Tesche

Substitution at VfL Osnabrück: Robert Tesche


9:59 p.m

Charalambos Makridis

Substitution at VfL Osnabrück: Charalambos Makridis


9:59 p.m

Etienne Amenyido

Substitution at FC St. Pauli: Etienne Amenyido


9:58 p.m

Johannes Eggestein

Substitution at FC St. Pauli: Johannes Eggestein


9:58 p.m

Connor Metcalfe

Substitution at FC St. Pauli: Connor Metcalfe


9:58 p.m

Oladapo Afolayan

Substitution at FC St. Pauli: Oladapo Afolayan


9:58 p.m

Kühn keeps the hosts in the game with a brilliant parade! Afolayan lets his opponent get out of the box on the right with two step-overs and then heaves the ball from a relatively tight angle to the far corner, but the Osnabrück keeper reacts excellently and is able to deflect to the side.


9:53 p.m

After another corner, the ball lands on the edge of the penalty area to Cuisance, who takes the ball again and then finishes powerfully with full risk. But the ball then clearly misses the goal.


9:52 p.m

St. Pauli cannot clear things up completely, Osnabrück remains ahead.


9:51 p.m

Once again VfL takes a corner, and the only thing missing is the goal for the hosts.


9:49 p.m

The league leaders seem completely out of sorts, but the home side are turning up the heat. The game takes place almost exclusively in FC St. Pauli’s half.


9:46 p.m

VfL is now pressing for the equalizer and is biting into half of the guests. Kleinhansl brings a free kick dangerously into the box, where the guests can just clear before Engelhardt clears.


9:44 p.m

Things get dangerous again after a corner from Irvine! Hartel brings the resting ball to a similar place to the opening goal, again Irvine is well in the air and comes to the header. His shot misses the left corner by a hair’s breadth.


9:41 p.m

Things don’t go any further for Rorig, ex-Paulian Conteh comes into the game for him.


9:41 p.m

Christian Conteh

Substitution at VfL Osnabrück: Christian Conteh


9:40 p.m

Henry Rorig

Substitution at VfL Osnabrück: Henry Rorig


9:39 p.m

The game is interrupted; Rorig got his shoe in the face when he tackled Saad. That doesn’t look too good at first.


9:37 p.m

VfL starts the second half bravely. But this also means that you are a little more open at the back. Saad takes advantage of this and moves across the penalty area. He then finishes on the edge of the box after several stops and touches the right side netting with the first shot of the second half.


9:34 p.m

So let’s move on now. Both teams come out of the locker room unchanged.


9:33 p.m

Kick-off of the 2nd half


9:20 p.m

Half-time conclusion:
Now it’s a break in Osnabrück. The bottom of the table offers the leaders a good fight and is “only” 0-1 behind. Although the only clear chances to score were on the Paulians’ side, VfL was almost on par at times. It was only in the final third that Uwe Koschinat’s team lacked the final impetus to create their own opportunities. The guests play their own football in a fairly relaxed manner, but cannot rest on their lead in the second 45 minutes and have to step up. It’s about to continue.


9:16 p.m

End of 1st half


9:15 p.m

Official added time (minutes): 1


9:14 p.m

Florian Kleinhansl

Yellow card for Florian Kleinhansl (VfL Osnabrück)

The defender comes too late on the left wing against Afolayan and clears him. For this he sees the first yellow card of the game.


9:13 p.m

Osnabrück is now still biting at the visitors’ penalty area, but St. Pauli is doing well and VfL’s offense is lacking a bit of precision and creativity.


9:11 p.m

The mud fight at the Bremer Bridge continues, and not much seems to happen before halftime.


9:08 p.m

After a long time there is another shot. After a cross from the right, Eggestein secures the ball in the box and then puts it back to Irvine on the edge of the penalty area. The goalscorer to make it 1-0 finishes directly with his left, but has a lot of reserve under opponent pressure and therefore misses the goal by a few meters.


9:05 p.m

VfL is establishing itself a little ahead, but due to a lack of possession in the penalty area, there are still no chances to score.


9:02 p.m

From VfL’s point of view, the short period of pressure from the guests is over and the game is becoming more balanced again. The first clear shot on goal for the home team is still a long time coming.


8:59 p.m

And the guests are getting dangerous again! Afolayan breaks through on the right and then has a lot of time in the penalty area. His cross finds Eggestein at the far post, who volleys with his left, but is blocked by Gyamfi. There is then a corner, which Osnabrück gets defended this time.


8:57 p.m

Luck saves the hosts from making it 2-0! After losing the ball on the right edge of the penalty area, Eggestein is served at the five-pointer and actually has to nod the ball between three opponents, but misses the goal.


8:55 p.m

In the constant rain, the spectators see a game that has now subsided somewhat. The guests manage with the lead behind them and are currently refraining from making any further offensive advances. Osnabrück is now a little better in the game, but can’t get into the dangerous zone yet.



St. Pauli seems a bit disorganized at the standard, but VfL can’t get a clear conclusion and the league leaders can finally clarify.


8:50 p.m

After a first good advance, the hosts now at least get their first corner.


8:49 p.m

Now there is at least a conclusion again. Afolayan receives the ball from Irvine on the left and then takes a shot with his left from a good 20 meters. But his shot can be blocked.


8:45 p.m

Offensively, the game calmed down a lot after the 1-0 win, with both teams trying to gain an advantage in midfield. Apart from possession of the ball, neither team is really ahead.


8:43 p.m

St. Pauli is now establishing itself a little further ahead and continues to push for the next goal. The Osnabrück team are having a hard time getting out of their own half.


8:40 p.m

The league leaders continue to play cheerfully after this goal. VfL, on the other hand, seems to have woken up a bit, but is not yet able to put itself into the spotlight offensively during the short periods of possession.


8:35 p.m

Jackson Irvine

Tooor for FC St. Pauli, 0-1 by Jackson Irvine

And there’s the captain’s early lead! After Irvine’s first shot, there was a corner kick, which Hartel then delivered precisely to the first post. Irvine runs in there and heads past two opponents. His header from a good seven meters hits the left corner of the goal.


8:34 p.m

The game starts as expected. The guests take the game into their own hands, Osnabrück initially hopes for moments of change. There are no advances into the box yet.


8:31 p.m

Referee Patrick Schwengers opens the game, St. Pauli kicks off in their usual white with brown shorts, the hosts play in their typical purple jersey.

8:06 p.m

There are rotations in the starting eleven on both sides. For the hosts, Grill, Thalhammer and Verhoek replace Kühn, Niemann and Rorig in Uwe Koschinat’s plan compared to the 4-0 away defeat. At St. Pauli, Vasilj, Saliakas, Saad and Afolayan are preferred by coach Fabian Hürzeler today over Burchert, Ritzka, Metcalfe and Amenyido, who were in the starting line-up in the 1-4 away win against Homburg in the cup during the week. In just over 20 minutes it starts at the Bremer Bridge in Osnabrück!

7:55 p.m

After the 1:2 home defeat by direct city rivals and first pursuers HSV, Pauli has the opportunity to move away from the top today. This evening, the visiting coach is relying mainly on his two top scorers Marcel Hartel, who already has seven goals and six assists, and Johannes Eggestein, who has already scored six goals. At Osnabrück, on the other hand, a new goalkeeper is needed in the back team, with Kühn being given preference over Grill.

7:48 p.m

One aspect that is certainly important to the home side today is the defense, which has been very vulnerable this season. They have already conceded 37 goals and therefore have the most vulnerable defense in the league. The promoted team’s attackers also have a difficult evening ahead of them, as the league leaders have the best defense in the 2nd Bundesliga and the guests have only conceded 13 goals.


There’s a game of stark contrasts coming up this Saturday evening. With VfL Osnabrück, the bottom of the second division table welcomes their leaders, FC St. Pauli. While the hosts have only been able to record one win so far, the Kiezkickers remain undefeated in the league and are traveling today with the aim of continuing this series. VfL, on the other hand, is hoping for important points, especially since historically they have had slightly better odds against St. Pauli.

Hello and welcome to the game VfL Osnabrück – FC St. Pauli! The live ticker for the game on matchday 16 of the 2nd Bundesliga starts just in time before the game starts.