Live ticker VfB Stuttgart – Borussia Dortmund (DFB Cup 2023/2024, round of 16)


9:38 p.m

Half-time conclusion:
VfB Stuttgart and Borussia Dortmund say goodbye to the dressing room with a goalless 0-0. The hosts are the dominant team and also had the better chances on their side: Millot’s header was cleared for a corner by Kobel at the last moment (24th), Undav narrowly missed Mittelstädt’s cross (41st) and was behind a few moments later Winning the ball against Bynoe-Gittens was too stubborn and didn’t play to the better positioned Guirassy and Millot (43′). BVB, on the other hand, is only concerned with its own defense for long stretches, with captain Can moving into the five-man chain from the start. There were hardly any chances created by the Black and Yellows, the only noteworthy shot was hit by Sabitzer from around 18 meters onto the crossbar (20th). Let’s see whether Borussia becomes bolder after the break and pushes their own offensive. See you soon!


9:34 p.m

End of 1st half


9:33 p.m

Mittelstädt wins the ball against Wolf on the left side and cleverly plays the ball into the backcourt. Karazor is there and puts the ball on goal with the first contact – Kobel is there in the near corner and holds the ball.


9:31 p.m

Due to the treatment breaks, the referee gives three minutes of added time in the first half.


9:31 p.m

Official added time (minutes): 3


9:30 p.m

Shortly before the break, VfB really built up the pressure again, Dortmund were only occupied with defensive work.


9:29 p.m

Bynoe-Gittens’ blunder remains unpunished! The young winger is further back after a Dortmund corner and is played flatly by Kobel. When he receives the ball, the ball misses him and Undav switches quickly. But the striker missed the right time to make a pass in the penalty area and his shot was blocked by Ryerson. Both Millot and Guirassy would have been considered options.


9:27 p.m

Undav is a little late! Mittelstädt has enough space and time on the left side for a sharp cross to the inside. Undav pushes towards the six-meter area with a lot of speed, but he is a few shoe sizes short and despite the tackle he can’t get to the ball.


9:25 p.m

The guests continue to lose the ball far too quickly because BVB hits an unusually high number of long balls. Stuttgart, on the other hand, is now holding on to the black and yellow sixteen and putting pressure on Dortmund.


9:23 p.m

Dortmund puts a pinprick: Wolf’s cross from the right finds Füllkrug in the center, but he can’t head the ball on goal. Adeyemi grabs the rebound, but his shot is also blocked. Özcan comes from the half-right back area and finally puts the second rebound over the goal from around 20 meters.


9:21 p.m

Wolf is back in the game, so Dortmund are playing with eleven again. Even if Stuttgart lacks clear chances to score, the home team is the slightly superior team.


9:19 p.m

The game is currently interrupted because Wolf needs treatment on his foot. Can is also limping around the pitch – that doesn’t look good for Dortmund, who have already had to make a change with Füllkrug for Moukoko.


9:18 p.m

The guests are playing with fire! First, Schlotterbeck slips in his own penalty area and Hummels helps him out. But Dortmund’s defense chief wants to solve it playfully and is directly attacked. The black and yellow team had a hard time getting Stuttgart’s attack under control because VfB didn’t play it clearly.


9:15 p.m

Borussia Dortmund loses the ball far too quickly in this phase. Stuttgart also puts a lot of pressure on the guests and doesn’t let the black and yellow players start their own game.


9:13 p.m

Dortmund’s first change has now taken place and Moukoko has made room for Füllkrug. There was no sign of a foul on the young Dortmund player.


9:12 p.m

Stuttgart stays on the ball after their own corner and another high ball flies into the Dortmund penalty area. At the second post, Guirassy tests Kobel with his head, but Borussia’s goalkeeper parries and then the flag goes up.


9:11 p.m

Substitution at Borussia Dortmund: Niclas Füllkrug


9:10 p.m

Youssoufa Moukoko

Substitution at Borussia Dortmund: Youssoufa Moukoko


9:10 p.m

Kobel parries to the corner! Führich does not receive any pressure from Wolf on the left corner of the penalty area and crosses sensitively towards the goal. Millot heads on goal and the Swiss keeper has to stretch to avoid going behind.


9:08 p.m

Shortly after Dortmund’s first approach to the goal, Moukoko had to leave the field. The young striker has already left the pitch and Füllkrug is getting ready on the sidelines. The guests are currently outnumbered!


9:06 p.m

Sabitzer puts the ball on the crossbar! Dortmund switches via Adeyemi and the ball lands at the box to the Austrian Sabitzer. After a short one-two with Bynoe-Gittens, the midfielder takes a shot and hits the crossbar from 17 meters. That was the first chance for BVB!


9:05 p.m

Can blocks Millot’s cross on the baseline, but then heads the ball directly into Mittelstädt’s feet. Stuttgart’s full-back reacts quickly and plays the ball flat into the middle – Kobel is there and secures the ball in the follow-up.


9:03 p.m

At VfB there is still a lack of movement in the offensive end in the final third. The central defenders Zagadou and Anton keep pushing the ball back and forth because there is no passing point in depth. BVB has been very disciplined so far in their unfamiliar 5-4-1 formation.


9:01 p.m

Adeyemi defends in his own penalty area and combines with Bynoe-Gittens forward via short passing. The Dortmund player then stumbles on the ball at the halfway line and the guests’ counter-attack comes to an early end.


8:59 p.m

Sabitzer wins the ball in the center circle and sends Wolf on his way with a long shot on the right side. Mittelstädt holds on in the running duel and clears it for a throw-in near the baseline.


8:57 p.m

Stuttgart are the team with more ball possession in the early stages. So far, Undav and Guirassy have not been able to break through, BVB is very vigilant in defense.



Borussia Dortmund has not yet got the speed on the wings on the field. Stuttgart, on the other hand, acted courageously and moved towards the goal, just like in the Bundesliga game a few weeks ago.



Führich brings the high ball from the left into the middle, but Kobel effortlessly climbs up in the center and safely plucks the ball out of the air.



BVB sometimes operates with a five-man chain because Can drops between Hummels and Schlotterbeck. Dortmund’s captain blocks Guirassy’s first shot on the edge of the penalty area for the first corner of the game.


8:50 p.m

Stuttgart, on the other hand, presses the opponent into their penalty area and thus forces mistakes from the guests. However, Undav tackles Ryerson too hard on the outside line and is called back by the referee before he can initiate the attack.


8:48 p.m

VfB is only actively attacked by the guests when they reach the center line. Dortmund will wait and let Stuttgart play.


8:45 p.m

Let’s go! BVB kicks off and opens this round of 16 in front of a sold-out crowd.


Edin Terzić and his team have analyzed the first duel against Stuttgart, but the coach is clearly focused on reaching the quarter-finals: “It’s a different competition, it’s a knockout game. We want to prepare well and do it with a win make it to the next round”. His coaching colleague Hoeneß, on the other hand, knows about the experience of the Dortmund team: “They are very well staffed and know exactly how to play such games.”

8:17 p.m

Both teams are in good shape: VfB has won four games in a row, including the aforementioned 2-1 against Borussia Dortmund in the league. But the guests from the Ruhr region have also recovered and are unbeaten for three games. The game in the premier class against Milan in particular should have given Dortmund a boost, but Stuttgart has a top team from VfB coach Sebastian Hoeneß waiting for the guests.

8:10 p.m

BVB visited league leaders Bayer Leverkusen last weekend and held Xabi Alonso’s team to a 1-1 draw. In addition to the well-known failures of Duranville and Nmecha, it was already known before this game that Haller would also not be traveling to Stuttgart due to injury. There were also Süle and Reyna, who were also not on board due to illness. Because Dortmund coach Edin Terzić only has few defensive options, the same back four will start as in Leverkusen. The center around Can and Sabitzer initially seems to have established itself, but there is plenty of rotation in the offensive area of ​​the black and yellow: Brandt, Füllkrug and Reus all remain on the bench at the beginning. Öczan, Adeyemi and Moukoko are in the starting line-up. Bynoe-Gittens can play again from the start after recent good performances.

8:00 p.m

Stuttgart were also highly superior against Bremen at the weekend and sent Werder home with a 2-0 win. VfB once again missed several chances and could have won even more. There are two changes compared to the starting eleven from the league: Stenzel and Katompa Mvumpa are rotating to the bench, but Vagnoman and Stiller are new to the first eleven. This means that Undav and Guirassy will also start as double leaders in the cup. Due to injury, Raimund is not available to VfB for the time being due to a broken nose.

7:50 p.m

Almost three weeks after the duel in the league, the two Bundesliga teams will meet again before the winter break. VfB Stuttgart deservedly won 2-1 in front of their home crowd and could have won more. Borussia Dortmund clearly had a hard time against the Swabians and will be looking for compensation in the cup today. In the Bundesliga, the two clubs are separated by five points, Stuttgart is in 3rd place, Dortmund is in 5th place.

Hello and welcome to the round of 16 of the DFB Cup! VfB Stuttgart and Borussia Dortmund will meet from 8:45 p.m.! The game is led by referee Benjamin Brand.