Live ticker SV Werder Bremen – 1. FC Cologne (Bundesliga 2023/2024, 5th matchday)


7:08 p.m

Tooor for Werder Bremen, 1:1 by Rafael Borré


7:06 p.m

Bremen is still very inaccurate in the opponent’s half. Maina is particularly noticeable in Cologne. The fast winger causes problems for the Werder defense.


7:03 p.m

The lead for Cologne is deserved. The guests are the better team. Bremen is disorganized and the players don’t seem very confident.


7:00 p.m

Davie Selke

Tooor for 1. FC Köln, 0-1 by Davie Selke

Another ex-Bremen player scores against Werder! Cologne has a corner from the left side. Chabot comes to the header. His finish is cleared by Deman on the line. But the newcomer doesn’t get the ball away. Selke takes advantage of this and pushes the ball over the line with his head from a short distance.



At the following corner there is a Bremen offensive foul.



Bremen almost takes the lead! Schmid gets the ball on the left side of the penalty area. He doesn’t finish, but Hübers unintentionally pushes the ball towards the goal. The ball just misses the left post.


6:55 p.m

At the following corner, Pieper gets a header. His shot is blocked by a defender.


6:55 p.m

Schmid puts the ball on the edge of the penalty area with his heel for Stage. The Dane takes off with his right. His shot is deflected towards a corner.



Cologne is the better team. Bremen makes too many simple mistakes.


6:48 p.m

Kainz shoots a free kick from the left corner of the penalty area directly onto the goal. The ball goes over it.


6:46 p.m

The following corner again brings no danger.


6:46 p.m

The guests are getting closer to the goal! Paqarada serves Ljubicic on the left in the penalty area. The Werder defense is not well sorted. Ljubicic shoots from ten meters. His shot is deflected by Pieper and goes just over the goal.



The following corner leads to another corner that yields nothing.



Cologne has a first chance! Maina pulls away from the edge of the penalty area. Pavlenka parries the shot to the right corner well.



The teams stay away from the penalty areas. Hardly anything worth mentioning happens.


6:40 p.m

The game isn’t particularly exciting yet. Both teams make too many mistakes. This means there is no danger of scoring.


6:37 p.m

Veljković is lying on the ground, slightly dazed, because he collided heads with a man from Cologne. But the defender can continue playing.


6:36 p.m

Maina goes into the penalty area on the left and takes a shot. Pieper blocks the shot.


6:35 p.m

First completion of the game! Ducksch brings a corner from the left to the near post. Stark comes to the header. His shot ends up on the net.


6:33 p.m

Cologne is slightly superior in the first few minutes without getting into the penalty area yet.


6:31 p.m

The game gets off to a disjointed start. There are only a few clean passes to be seen.

5:59 p.m

Steffen Baumgart only makes one change at Cologne compared to the 1:3 loss against Hoffenheim. Waldschmidt starts on the offensive instead of Carstensen, who is suspended for red.

5:57 p.m

Ole Werner makes five changes for Werder compared to the 2:4 against Heidenheim. Ducksch, Borré, Deman, Lynen and Veljković start instead of Woltemade, Kownacki, Jung, Groß and Friedl.

5:42 p.m

Cologne actually started the season even weaker than Bremen. The billy goats only got one point. Last week there was a 1:3 defeat against Hoffenheim. Today FC will face a direct competitor from the bottom third of the table for the first time. It’s time for the first victory. Five games without a threesome probably wouldn’t even leave Steffen Baumgart unscathed.

5:36 p.m

Bremen lost 2:4 at Heidenheim last Sunday. That was the third defeat in the fourth game of the season. So the start to the new season is pretty poor. Especially against Heidenheim, Werder’s defense revealed some huge gaps. With defensive behavior like that it will be a very difficult season. A win must follow today against Cologne, otherwise things will start to get uncomfortable for Ole Werner.

5:34 p.m

Hello and welcome to the evening game on matchday 5. Today at 6:30 p.m. Werder Bremen welcomes 1. FC Köln.