Live ticker SV Darmstadt 98 – Bor. Mönchengladbach (Bundesliga 2023/2024, 4th matchday)


6:18 p.m

Nicolas with the next good deed! With a flat cross into the backcourt, Nürnberger comes to the ball in a good position, but hits it over it. He gets the ball again from Pfeiffer, then shoots the ball nasty into the left corner, Nicolas reacts strongly!


6:17 p.m

Itakura heads the ball at the back post from a corner kick from the left side, but doesn’t get any pressure behind the ball.


6:16 p.m

Official injury time (minutes): 3


6:16 p.m

Marcel Schuhen hits his tee shot into the feet of the away team, but immediately makes up for his mistake by running out early and punching the ball away to the side in front of the running Honorat.


6:14 p.m

By the way, Darmstadt is not only making a difference to Borussia in terms of tackling and bite, what the Hessians offer is also very impressive in terms of play. The Lower Rhine team has been at least a little more active for a few minutes, but a chipped through ball for Jordan is too optimistic.



N’Goumou puts the ball back to Wöber, whose cross Jordan wants to pass on with his heel. However, this is quite easy to defend, even with the following cross the newcomer doesn’t get any pressure behind his header and nods the ball clearly to the left of the goal.



Bader has to be replaced early when he is injured.



Substitution at SV Darmstadt 98: Fabian Nürnberger



Matthias Bader

Substitution at SV Darmstadt 98: Matthias Bader



And Gladbach is open again! But Skarke now makes too much of a mistake and Wöber finally throws himself into Kempe’s shot.


6:10 p.m

The Union loanee Tim Skarke shoots from all positions, but now a low shot is too unplaced. Nicolas takes it easy.


6:08 p.m

Darmstadt has the next good chance to counterattack, but Skarke is offside due to Bader’s deep pass.


6:07 p.m

Pléa has to be treated briefly, but can continue playing after a short time.


6:06 p.m

While the home fans are of course in a good mood, the foals are very frustrated.


6:03 p.m

Tim Skarke

Tooor for SV Darmstadt 98, 3-0 by Tim Skarke

Unbelievable, Skarke celebrates the Böllenfalltor – 3-0! With a half-court free kick, the ball falls on Klarer’s head, who – whether he wanted to or not – puts the ball back to Skarke. He has no guard on the half-right side of the penalty area and hits the ball with enormous force into the short corner.


6:03 p.m

Post banger from Skarke! Karic beats Scally on the left, who wants to hear a free kick whistle but doesn’t continue playing afterwards. Skarke takes the shot from the left and heaves the shot towards the far corner. Nicolas can only look after the ball, but the aluminum saves the Gladbach keeper.


6:00 p.m

Maglica gets applause from the scene with a strong tackle against Honorat. Small situations and duels in particular often go to the home team.


5:59 p.m

Karic crosses again, this time the center is well occupied. But the Austrian’s cross is hit a little too high.


5:58 p.m

Gladbach has space on a counterattack, Pléa is not tackled centrally. So the Frenchman shoots at full speed and more than twenty meters, but aims clearly to the left of the post.


5:55 p.m

Last season, Borussia made too many mistakes against the weaker teams in the league, for example not being able to win any of the four games against the two newly promoted teams Schalke and Bremen (D3, L1). Is history repeating itself today? After 25 minutes things are looking very good for Darmstadt.



Darmstadt combines strongly again, Karic is released on the left wing. With his flat cross, the center is not well occupied, Itakura can clear. There definitely would have been more.



After winning the ball in his own half, Kempe’s through pass is a bit optimistic on the counterattack, Friedrich can run the ball away.


5:50 p.m

Can Gladbach be dangerous from standard situations? Honorat crosses from a long distance, Wöber is forgotten by the Darmstadt defense and flies into the ball on the left side of the penalty area. With his high leg he can’t fully control the play equipment and pushes it past the goal to the left. The Fohlenelf’s first good offensive action is a stationary ball.


5:47 p.m

After a deep pass from Holland, Karic has a lot of space on the left wing and crosses too hectically. Nevertheless: The Darmstadt team are much more active offensively and have now earned the two-goal lead.


5:45 p.m

Darmstadt really enjoys this game! A few meters from the penalty area they combine strongly, Mehlem pushes the ball across to Holland. He tries a shot from the second row, Nicolas directs the shot from the middle over the crossbar.


5:43 p.m

Scally is a bit lucky that Mehlem can’t control a deep pass; the Darmstadt player almost went through again. The Lilies are on top, Gladbach seems unsettled and cannot get into the duels.


5:40 p.m

Matej Maglica

Tooor for SV Darmstadt 98, 2-0 by Matej Maglica

The double whammy of the lilies! A corner kick from the right side is not dangerous in the first instance, but Mehlem can pass the ball out to the right again. Kempe puts the leather on his left foot with good body deception and finds Maglica’s head with his cross. He robustly creates space in the duel with Weigl and then coolly nods the ball into the right corner, no chance for Nicolas.


5:38 p.m

Marvin Mehlem

Tooor for SV Darmstadt 98, 1-0 by Marvin Mehlem

Darmstadt rewards itself for a good start and takes the lead! The SVD builds up the game at the back, Gjasula initiates the situation. Holland’s wide, high pass is more of a liberating move, but it catches the weak Gladbach defense off on the wrong foot. Mehlem takes off and runs away from Friedrich, stays free in front of Nicolas and then cools down and pushes in.


5:37 p.m

Bader passes deep to Skarke, who wants to cross low into the center. Itakura keeps his foot between them and Omlin representative Moritz Nicolas easily picks up the deflected cross.


5:36 p.m

Good start for the home team, who showed a high level of duel intensity right from the start. The guests from Lower Rhine try to control the game, but are repeatedly stressed by Darmstadt.


5:35 p.m

Tobias Kempe tries from a half-left position and almost twenty meters away, but shoots the stationary ball slightly over the crossbar to the left. The first good chance goes to the lilies!


5:33 p.m

Ko Itakura

Yellow card for Ko Itakura (Bor. Mönchengladbach)

Good free kick position for Darmstadt! With a deep pass, Itakura comes too late against Mehlem and drops him right in front of the edge of the penalty area. The Japanese got the yellow card early on.


5:32 p.m

Gladbach will wear the green and black away jersey, Darmstadt will play in the blue and white home kit. The last Bundesliga game of the weekend is taking place in sunny summer weather.

5:30 p.m

As in all Bundesliga stadiums, the victims of the natural disaster in Libya and Morocco are also remembered at the Böllenfalltor.

5:30 p.m

Torsten Lieberknecht starts the rotation at SV Darmstadt, making five changes compared to the 1:5 at Bayer Leverkusen. Skarke is storming alongside Pfeiffer today; the former Unioner is celebrating his starting eleven debut. Gjasula and Maglica defend in the back three, Karic and Kempe rotate into the team in midfield. Zimmermann and Vilhelmsson are missing injured and ill, Isherwood, Nürnberger and Franjić have to make do with the bench.

5:25 p.m

Gerardo Seoane changes to two positions compared to the 1-2 home defeat against Bayern. Jordan Siebatcheu makes his starting eleven debut, starting in the attack center in place of Tomáš Čvančara, who is not in the starting eleven for the first time. Honorat rotates into the starting lineup for Neuhaus.

5:19 p.m

There have been six duels between the two teams in the last ten years, and Darmstadt beat Gladbach twice in the cup. Last year as a second division team (2:1) and in 2013 as a third division team (5:4 iE), the Lilies surprisingly knocked Borussia out of the DFB Cup. In the two Darmstadt Bundesliga seasons 2015/16 and 2016/17, Gladbach was successful twice, and the teams drew twice. Overall, Darmstadt has even had a balanced balance in recent years.

5:12 p.m

The Lilies suffered a similar fate to Gladbach: an extremely tough opening program. Of course, this was completely inconvenient, especially with the euphoria of a newcomer. After a narrow 0-1 defeat in the tight Hessenderby in Frankfurt, things became clearer against Champions League participants Union Berlin (1:4) and against the previously strong Leverkusen team (1:5).

5:05 p.m

Darmstadt has conceded ten goals so far and has only been able to celebrate twice in the Bundesliga. Due to the embarrassing first-round cup loss at regional league team FC Homburg, the record is four defeats in four competitive games – the SVD would certainly have imagined the start to its fifth Bundesliga season being a little more joyful.


While Gladbach’s offense at least gained its first arguments in the safe 7-0 cup victory and in the opening game in Augsburg, the defense department has so far only stood out negatively with too many gaps. With a total of nine goals conceded, the Fohlen had the second weakest defense in the league before the matchday, only one team had conceded more goals before the matchday: today’s opponents Darmstadt.

4:50 p.m

However, to get three points from the promoted team, Borussia has to overcome their weakness away from home. In the last 20 Bundesliga away games, the Fohlenelf only celebrated one measly victory. Is today the first away win since January this year?

4:40 p.m

Gladbach’s weak start to the season with just one point from three games can be explained by a revamped squad and a difficult opening program with home games against top teams Leverkusen and Bayern. But the team is under a lot of pressure in relegation place 16: If there is no mandatory win in today’s game against Darmstadt, the air on the Lower Rhine could get thin pretty quickly. Because RB Leipzig is waiting next week and the next home game against a top team.

4:30 p.m

Cellar duel at the end of the fourth matchday: SV Darmstadt, bottom of the table, welcomes Borussia Mönchengladbach, who are also still without a win, in the second Sunday game. The kick-off sounds at the Böllenfalltor at 5:30 p.m., hello and welcome!