Live ticker Sheffield United – Liverpool FC (Premier League 2023/2024, 15th matchday)


8:49 p.m

Archer hesitates too long! Once again the ten player conquers the pill on the halfway line – this time on the left wing. Unchallenged, he sprints into the penalty area, where he takes too long to finish. van Dijk barely blocks.


8:46 p.m

Gomez in particular isn’t really into the game yet. Not only was he responsible for losing the ball, but he now plays a sloppy pass straight out of bounds.


8:44 p.m

Mega opportunity for Sheffield! Gomez misplaces the ball at the halfway line as the second-to-last man. Archer immediately races up and away and passes to McAtee, who was running along, on the edge of the penalty area. Free in front of Kelleher, the offensive man misses.


8:40 p.m

The first chance! Salah takes a cross from the left from eleven meters from the half-right volley. The ball slips over his slipper. Over it.


8:38 p.m

Good news: Mac Allister can continue after taking a few minutes off treatment. That could have turned out differently.


8:36 p.m

Very disgusting scene. Souza steps on Mac Allister’s knee with his cleats – probably unintentionally. The Liverpool player needs treatment.


8:36 p.m

Relaxed start. Both teams act intensively in duels without taking any offensive action yet.

8:09 p.m

The Reds, on the other hand, are having a good run. With the exception of the defeat at Tottenham Hotspurs on matchday five (1:2), they have not yet lost a game in the championship. They are currently in second place in the rankings, five points behind Arsenal FC, who have played one more game. Today it should also be a little more relaxed than last weekend. There was a narrow victory late on against FC Fulham, who were in the basement (4:3) – it was only in the last three minutes that coach Klopp’s men turned around a 2:3 deficit.

7:50 p.m

Things are looking bleak for the Blades. So far they have managed to get a meager five points from 14 games in the league. No wonder they are already eight points behind and hold the Red Lantern. So it happened that the newcomer pulled the ripcord early on and fired coach Paul Heckinbottom. What’s curious is that his successor is Chris Wilder, who was Heckingbottom’s predecessor. For him, a Herculean task is just around the corner. After two bankruptcies, most recently a big slap at penultimate FC Burnley (0:5), Liverpool FC is now waiting.

7:31 p.m

Hello and welcome to matchday 15 in the Premier League! In part two of the English Week, Liverpool FC will be visiting Sheffield United. Kick-off is at 8:30 p.m.