Live ticker Luton Town – Manchester City (FA Cup 2023/2024, round of 16)



The second round continues without any further personnel changes.



Kick-off of the 2nd half


9:54 p.m

Half-time conclusion:
Manchester City are on track at half-time in the FA Cup round of 16 at Luton Town thanks to Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne and are leading 3-1! The visitors’ Belgian playmaker found his top striker three times with a perfect assist and Haaland thanked him three times with a goal. After the Norwegian’s flawless hat trick, the Skyblues were on course and had everything under control against the committed but too naively defending Hatters when Jordan Clark brought the atmosphere back into the room out of nowhere. With a dream goal from 27 meters he gave the score 1:3 and a bit of hope in the atmospheric stadium on Kenilworth Road. Is there perhaps something going on for the challenger after the break?


9:50 p.m

End of 1st half


9:49 p.m

Haaland takes another free kick 35 meters in front of the opponent’s goal. City led briefly, then Bernardo Silva’s cross was well defended by Luton.


9:49 p.m

Suddenly there is life in the place again. Now the Hatters are pushing again and want more.


9:48 p.m

Official added time (minutes): 3


9:46 p.m

Tooor for Luton Town, 1:3 by Jordan Clark

Where did that come from? Luton comes forward again and Clark receives the ball from Barkley 27 meters centrally in front of the goal. The 30-year-old puts the ball on his strong right, aims at the right gable and then hits the ball absolutely perfectly. Ortega can only watch this fantastic shot.


9:44 p.m

The goal is monitored by VAR for a while, but Haaland was just not offside when the pass was made and the score remains 0-3.


9:41 p.m

Erling Haaland

Tooor for Manchester City, 0:3 by Erling Haaland

Now Haaland has his hat trick! And once again the provider is Kevin De Bruyne! The Belgian receives the ball in the center circle, sees from the corner of his eye that Haaland is starting and immediately plays the pass deep. This time it is substitute Johnson who cannot follow and has to watch as Haaland coolly lifts the leather into the net over the falling Krul.


9:41 p.m

Then it changes. But different than expected. At City, it is not Matheus Nunes who is going down, but Grealish, who is apparently also injured, and is being replaced by Doku. Luton also makes a change and brings Johnson in for Bell, who is also probably ailing.


9:40 p.m

Jérémy documentary

Substitution at Manchester City: Jérémy Doku


9:39 p.m

Jack Grealish

Substitution at Manchester City: Jack Grealish


9:39 p.m

Joseph Johnson

Substitution at Luton Town: Joseph Johnson


9:39 p.m

Amari'i Bell

Substitution at Luton Town: Amari’i Bell


9:39 p.m

After a short injury break, the game is a little out of steam. Both teams are currently making a lot of mistakes and seem a bit confused.


9:35 p.m

Cauley Woodrow moves in from the left lane for the Hatters and shoots towards the far corner, but misses it by a good meter. Meanwhile, City’s Matheus Nunes is being treated on the grass.


9:35 p.m

The Hatters fans continue to sound the alarm and are having a huge party here. On the pitch, City has the game increasingly under control and is working on the third goal.


9:32 p.m

Then back to city! With three quick passes, the Skyblues dizzy the Luton defense and De Bruyne chases a chipped pass from Grealish from 13 meters centrally towards the goal. Krul can only clap forward and serve perfectly for Haaland, but the Norwegian returns the favor and plays the ball exactly back to the keeper.


9:30 p.m

After a long time, the home team is now at the forefront again. Ross Barkley holds his own in front of the box and then sends Alfie Doughty to the baseline on the left. But his flat cross is too harmless and ends up at Stefan Ortega.


9:28 p.m

Tim Krul prevents the Haaland hat trick! Once again the guests play their way through very easily and this time De Bruyne takes John Stones with him, who then sends Haaland into the depths. The Norwegian dives alone centrally in front of the penalty area and wants to push in down the right, but Krul bravely rushes out and parries with his foot.


9:25 p.m

Bernardo Silva takes control of the ball in midfield, immediately speeds up the game and sends Jack Grealish out to the left. The 28-year-old pulls in with a hook and fires from 16 meters, but aims exactly at Krul.


9:22 p.m

This time the Citizens stay on the accelerator after the goal and take the first corner of the game. However, De Bruyne’s execution is weak and is easily cleared by the Hatters.


9:18 p.m

Erling Haaland

Tooor for Manchester City, 0-2 by Erling Haaland

Haaland packs a brace and City makes things clear early on! And this time it was played well again, but it was also too easy for the guests. On the halfway line, Haaland passes a long ball from Ortega to De Bruyne, turns and ignites the turbo. Mengi can’t keep up, De Bruyne’s through ball goes perfectly and Haaland luckily nets it through Krul’s legs to make it 0-2.


9:17 p.m

Jack Grealish is now more and more involved on the left side of the Citizens and marches through with the ball to the baseline, but then crosses right into the arms of Tim Krul.


9:13 p.m

When the Skyblues start pushing again, things immediately become dangerous again. Once again, De Bruyne has a lot of space on the left wing and this time wants to serve for Matheus Nunes, who is rushing up the middle, but at the last second a foot from the Hatters gets in the way.


9:12 p.m

City have been surprisingly passive since the goal and more or less left the game to Luton Town.


9:09 p.m

The Hatters have now established themselves at the front and are showing a strong reaction to the early goal. Carlton Morris didn’t really finish in his second attempt either, this time he was blocked by Nathan Aké.


9:08 p.m

Even if it doesn’t dampen the mood in the stadium at first, the game obviously couldn’t have started any worse for the challenger. Luton looks for a quick answer and shows themselves in front for the first time, but Carlton Morris ultimately misses a Doughty cross at five.


9:04 p.m

Erling Haaland

Tooor for Manchester City, 0-1 by Erling Haaland

City gets off to a dream start! And that was way too easy. The guests easily overplay the home team’s pressing, then Matheus Nunes has space on the left and ultimately sends Kevin De Bruyne to the baseline on the left side of the penalty area. In the middle, Haaland easily breaks away from his opponent in a playful manner, receives the ball perfectly from the Belgian and nets it easily from six meters.


9:03 p.m

Tactically, the guests are back with a back four today, in front of which Kovačić is the only six and Haaland is at the front in front of four other offensive players. Unsurprisingly, Luton is much more defensively oriented in a 3-5-2 formation.


9:01 p.m

Here we go! As usual, the hosts play in orange jerseys, City wears white.

8:59 p.m

Referee Anthony Taylor is leading the two teams onto the pitch of the famous stadium on Kenilworth Road, where the atmosphere is already high before kick-off. This cup duel between the two Premier League clubs Luton Town and Manchester City is about to begin!


Rob Edwards was quite optimistic in advance. Also because his team recently stood up to the Citizens in the league game and only narrowly had to admit defeat 1-2 after taking the lead. “That gives us self-confidence and we always believe in ourselves anyway,” said the Luton coach and is hoping for “a bit of cup magic” today. Pep Guardiola, on the other hand, described the game as a “real tough test” and the “starting signal for the decisive phase of the season.”

8:38 p.m

Both teams had to overcome a high hurdle in the previous round to reach this round of 16. Luton won 2-1 at Everton FC and City won 1-0 at Tottenham Hotspur.


A look at the lineups reveals that the guests are by no means taking this lightly. There are four changes compared to the last game, but they are tough. In addition to Stefan Ortega, who is always between the posts in the cup, captain Kyle Walker, Jack Grealish and Kevin De Bruyne are back in the starting line-up. Instead, keeper Ederson, Rúben Dias, Phil Foden and Rodri are rotated onto the bench. There are three changes for the home team. Instead of Thomas Kaminski, Tim Krul is in goal, Reece Burke and Jordan Clark also start for the injured Albert Lokonga (not in the squad) and Gabriel Osho (bench).


On the other hand, Meister City recently presented itself very effectively and minimalistically. Against Brentford and Bournemouth, Guardiola’s team scored a single goal each to earn three points in the Premier League table. The recovered Erling Haaland prepared a goal and scored once himself. The Citizens have now moved back to within one point of league leaders Liverpool and now want to overcome the next hurdle in the cup.

8:08 p.m

After a brilliant January in which they remained undefeated in competitive games, Premier League newcomers Luton Town have recently landed hard back on the ground of reality. The last three games against Sheffield United, Manchester United and Liverpool FC were all lost and the gap to safety in the league is already four points. The defense in particular has been a concern for the Hatters lately. Luton have conceded a whopping 13 goals in their last four games alone.


Hello and welcome to the FA Cup round of 16 between Luton Town and Manchester City! The ball rolls on Kenilworth Road at 9pm!