Live ticker Germany – France (U17 World Cup 2023 Indonesia, final)


1:50 p.m

Yellow card for Winners Osawe (Germany)


1:50 p.m

Brunner can counterattack after winning the ball on the left sideline. He leaves an opponent standing with a hook and then finishes from about twelve meters away and at a very acute angle, a little too out of place.



After the French recently posed a bit more danger offensively, the situation still provided some relief.



Moerstedt may have been in an offside position, but the contact was intentional and the German striker went down early. The VAR checks the situation, but the decision remains not to give a penalty – justifiable!



Moerstedt is sent deep by Brunner. Far to the left of the goal, he spikes the ball outwards and is then brought down by Argney with contact. The Germans demand a penalty.


1:45 p.m

Official injury time (minutes): 8


1:45 p.m

After a short break due to injury, we continue. In view of this and the long VAR check, the additional time will probably be generous.



In the following corner kick, a German interferes in time in front of Titi, who is unable to finish in a controlled manner and directs the ball over the crossbar.



A corner kick becomes dangerous almost immediately. But Heide decisively punches out the corner that Bouneb kicked with great effort!



Bouabré once again moves inwards from the left; he is the most dangerous Frenchman offensively so far. Da Silva Moreira can decisively separate him from the ball in the penalty area – worked back strongly.


1:40 p.m

Just a few moments later, the right-back picks his teammates out of the game. Meupiyou gets his head on the ball just before Moerstedt.



Once again the French cleared a free kick cross from da Silva Moreira quite easily.



Moerstedt tries it from a distance! Osawe wins the ball in midfield with a courageous challenge and immediately plays deep to Moerstedt. The striker doesn’t hesitate for long, but his half-high shot to the right corner from around twenty meters is missed by Argney.


1:35 p.m

Even after the goal to make it 1-0, the DFB team remained very strong in terms of tackling. France currently have a little more control of the game, but are not yet able to find their way into the penalty area dangerously.



Da Silva Moreira is awake and tackles a cross pass from the French out of the danger zone.



A half-court free kick from da Silva Moreira is defended by the French.



After half an hour, the German team’s lead was clearly deserved. Although Bouabré probably had the best opportunity of the game, the Wück selection had the clear majority of chances and largely dominated the action.



Paris Brunner

Great for Germany, 1-0 by Paris Brunner

Yes, Brunner converts and puts the DFB team in the lead! He looks out the French goalkeeper Argney and chooses the right corner. The fact that the shot is not particularly well placed to the left is irrelevant.



The VAR check took a long time because of the offside position that had to be assessed. Now Paris Brunner grabs the ball and kicks in from eleven meters.



Penalty for the German team! The VAR reports and the referee goes into the review area. Shortly after Darvich’s shot, Yalcinkaya worked his way in front of the ball and was hit by his opponent Sadi – the foul is undisputed. A possible offside position for Yalcinkaya, which is difficult to assess, is still being checked, but the game situation has renewed itself after a clarification action by the French.



Moerstedt follows up, then the German team combines brilliantly into the penalty area. Darvich heaves the ball onto the goal from the left position, but too centrally.



Heide is challenged for the first time and parries strongly! Only a bad German pass puts the French in a finishing situation. Bouabré picks up speed on the left, moves inward with a quick movement and aims half-high at the far corner from around eleven meters. But he fails because of Heide’s strong reaction.


1:20 p.m

Darvich is cleared by a French opponent and the referee allows the game to continue. But Brunner immediately comes into counter-pressing, wins the ball and hits it from a distance. The ball rises well over the crossbar.



Brunner wins the ball far forward on the left wing. He wants to find Moerstedt using a jack, but that doesn’t work.



The French still don’t have much to do with their rare advances into the final third.



Germany is still the better team, which of course also strengthens their self-confidence. Darvich circles the next corner into the six-yard box, the crosses are very strong. But Moerstedt is a few centimeters short of the first post.


1:15 p.m

Moerstedt puts it in the path of Darvich, who has a lot of free space in front of him. The captain drives the ball forward and takes heart 25 meters in front of the goal. The left-foot shot rushes clearly over the box.



Now the Bleus have the first corner. Moerstedt heads the ball out of the danger zone in his own penalty area.



The corners number three and four are also hit close to the goal, this time the French defend it a little more confidently.


1:09 p.m

It’s tight in front of the French goal, the keeper punches the ball out. Osawe’s header got stuck in the crowd and Moerstedt’s shot was finally deflected.



The gaps between the defensive chain and midfield are sometimes a little too big. But the French team seems a little more nervous in this big game and has not been able to take advantage of that so far and is playing a few bad passes. Germany’s attacks are a little more targeted, there is the second corner kick.


1:06 p.m

Nevertheless: It’s a good start for the German team. Darvich and co. had a little more of the game in the first few minutes and calmly defended the French counter-attacks so far. Now our own attack comes to nothing with a pass from Brunner that is too wide.



The ball fidgets in the net, but the flag is up! Max Moerstedt is already slightly offside when the cross comes from the left side and passes the ball with his skull to Brunner, who is also behind the French chain – twice offside. The celebration after Brunner’s volley only lasted for a short time.



The first goal goes to the DFB team. After a corner that was unsuccessful in the first instance, Harchaoui takes a shot in the backcourt, but chases the ball well over the box.


1:01 p.m

France plays in the dark blue jerseys, Germany wears the white jersey with a black bar. Espen Eskas will referee the game, the referee is from Norway.


1:00 p.m

It’s all set, the German U17 will fight for the World Cup title in the next 90 minutes. Let’s go boys!


The national teams have just entered the pitch and the German national anthem and the Marseillaise will now be played. In the evening in Indonesia (local time shortly before 7 p.m.) there are still summer temperatures of around 25 degrees.


There is a change in the starting eleven for the French. Coach Jean-Luc Vannuchi has Bouabré playing on the left wing instead of Sangui.


And Wück has not made any changes to the ten field players either; the same team is playing as in the semi-final against Argentina. Noah Darvich leads the team onto the field as captain, with Yalcinkaya, Brunner and Moerstedt in particular to provide goal threat.


Heide vs. Schmitt – the decision on the goalkeeper position must have given coach Christian Wück a real headache. Max Schmitt was between the posts for all of the first games and showed good performances. He missed the semi-finals due to illness and was more than adequately represented by Konstantin Heide. With two penalty saves he became a semi-final hero. Wück rewarded the strong performance, Heide is also guarding the goal today.


The U17 team impressed football Germany – in the absence of a strong senior national team – not only with the results, but also with the style of football. Brunner and co were partly convincing. playfully, but in the last knockout duels the boys showed themselves to be very strong in terms of fighting and showed incredible will. Does this lead to the title?


The tournament path is similar for both teams. In the group phase there were three clear group wins for France and Germany. Things got tighter in the knockout duels, with both teams having one penalty shootout. France were stronger from the spot than Senegal in the round of 16, in the quarter-finals against Uzbekistan and in the semi-finals against Mali over 90 minutes. As is well known, the DFB team defeated the USA and Spain in regular time and then held their nerve in the penalty shootout in the semi-final against Argentina.


In 1981, Germany won the U20 World Cup. If a final victory were to emerge today, the second World Championship in the youth sector would mean the end of a 42-year dry spell.


A U17 title would be a first for Germany on a global level. Only once did a German selection make it to the final – the first time the U16 tournament was held. However, in 1985 the DFB team lost to Nigeria. Since then, third place has been the highest of emotions. France has already won the tournament, but that was more than twenty years ago (2001).


Coach Christian Wück was optimistic before the final and referred to these two European Championship duels against France in an interview published by the DFB: “We know the French, most of the team and the tactical system.” In June, no one could have guessed that the year 2023 could be even more successful after the success at European level: “At the time at the European Championships, we thought that we had achieved our goal with the final against France and now we realize that “The European title was perhaps just an interim goal on the way to the World Cup.”


The duel is the new edition of the European Championship final. At the beginning of June, the youth teams of the two major football nations had already met twice in Hungary. In the group phase, the DFB team won 3-1, and the final was decided on penalties after a goalless 90 minutes – in favor of the Germans. Can the French take revenge on an even bigger stage today or will Germany’s young team win their second major title of the year?


Good day and welcome to the final of the U17 World Cup! The German team can crown a strong tournament and has to take the final step against France from 1 p.m. The final game for the title will take place at the Manahan Stadium in Surakarta.