Live ticker Formula 1: Circuit Park Zandvoort



Pit stop by Sergio Pérez

Red Bull Racing

Sergio Pérez will be the last rider brought in for his switch to dry tyres. He gets the soft and comes back on the track in second place behind Verstappen.



Max Verstappen pit stop

Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull now brings Max Verstappen into the pits and completes the stop from the Inter to the soft. Verstappen can easily hold second place and Sergio Pérez also has to stop at the top.



Pit stop by Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Aston Martin F1 Team

Shortly thereafter, the pit lane gets really crowded again. Alonso leads the next group to the pits to switch to slicks. Max Verstappen initially stays out.



Pit stop by Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magussen

Hass F1

The first react and switch from Inters to Soft. Magnussen was in and Ferrari also swapped back to the slick with Hamilton.



The slick drivers are now faster

The track has dried again after the shower and now it’s the slick drivers who can set the faster lap times. According to some forecasts, the next shower should already be on the way again. It’s not easy to make the right choice.



Pit radio Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc


“We have damage to the front wing,” Ferrari Charles Leclerc radioed into the cockpit. His answer: “Please don’t let me drive slower.” In other words, he doesn’t want to let Sainz pass behind him.



Verstappen flies over the track

Max Verstappen is currently flying over the track and has overtaken Zhou with strong lap times and significantly reduced the gap towards his teammate.



Penalty for Liam Lawson

Liam Lawson receives a penalty for obstructing Kevin Magnussen in the pit lane. He gets a ten second penalty.



Verstappen third again

After his stop, Max Verstappen has already worked his way back up to third place. Zhou is just ahead of him, before there is a larger gap in the direction of his teammate.



Norris plows through

Lando Norris is able to make up positions immediately after his pit stop on the Intermediate and easily passes those who are still on the soft.



Lando Norris pit stop

Lando Norris


McLaren had hoped they could fight their way through on the soft, but now they’re pulling the ripcord and bringing in Lando Norris to stop. But the good starting position is gone for the time being. There are still a few riders on the soft, including Russell and Albon.



Overtaking by Sergio Pérez

Sergio Perez

Red Bull Racing

The Intermediate is the go-to tire at the moment and those who started on slicks are being passed mercilessly. Sergio Pérez passes the rivals and is the new leader ahead of Zhou and Gasly, who also stopped after the first lap.



Max Verstappen pit stop

Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing

Max Verstappen also comes to his pit stop in the third lap and opts for the Inter variant. Russell, Norris and Albon decide differently. You want to fight your way through the wet.



Pit stop by Sergio Pérez

Sergio Perez

Red Bull Racing

There is a lot of rain on the second half of the track now and this is causing some drivers to decide to pit. The group is led by Sergio Pérez, who is now picking up the intermediate. It gets chaotic at Ferrari, who were not ready for Leclerc.



Hulkenberg in twelfth place

Nico Hülkenberg now shows courage when there is more rain and makes up a few places on the first lap. He’s 12th!



Start race

The lights are off, the race is on! Max Verstappen comes away confidently at the front and keeps Lando Norris at a distance. Albon tries to get inside Russell but fails to capitalize on the situation and falls behind. Alonso, who jumps up to third place, does it better.


It starts soon

The first cars return to the grid and there are a few drops on time. Now it will be exciting to see how the situation will develop!


Formation lap in progress

The formation lap is underway and Max Verstappen leads the field one last time before the start. Most of the field starts on the soft. Only Lewis Hamilton raised the medium. Some expect rain in a few minutes. Is there added spice already in the first few rounds?


How is the weather?

It is currently dry in Zandvoort, but there are a few dark clouds hanging around the track, which could cause showers during the race. Officially, the Formula 1 weather service calculates the probability of rain at 70 percent. The track temperature is 28 degrees, the air temperature is a cool 18 degrees.


The route

The 4.259-kilometre circuit is laid out in the dunes and, despite being modified, is considered to be the old-school route on the calendar. It is characterized by numerous gravel traps and narrow passages, but as a result there are few overtaking opportunities. The last corner has been converted into a banked corner for the Formula 1 return in 2021, which has a banked curve of around 19 degrees. Curve 3 has also had an incline since the renovation.


Ricciardo replacement Lawson from 19th place on the grid

Daniel Ricciardo’s replacement, who had to jump into the cockpit at short notice on Saturday after Ricciardo broke his hand in an accident in the second practice session, is 19th on the grid today and will try to stay out of big battles in the race in order to gain racing experience in the Collect Formula 1 car. Also because Ricciardo will probably have to pause a few more races. Kevin Magnussen will drive out of the pits in the Haas.


Hulkenberg from 14th place

For Nico Hülkenberg, the whole weekend didn’t go well in the Haas and the German made it into Q2 with difficulty in the end, where he retired in 15th place. A penalty against Yuki Tsunoda sees him move up a spot. In the race, however, the German must hope for chaos if he is to go forward.


Leclerc takes off

Charles Leclerc did not fare much better than Sargeant in Q3. The Ferrari driver also took off. He is ranked ninth ahead of Sargeant. Fernando Alonso is fifth on the grid ahead of Carlos Sainz and Sergio Pérez, who once again failed to catch his team-mate. Oscar Piastri finishes seventh in the second McLaren.


Albon in the second row

The second starting row is much more surprising. George Russell managed to steer his Mercedes into third place on the grid. Fourth on the grid is Alex Albon in the Williams, who had already impressed with good lap times in practice. For his part, Logan Sargeant experienced ups and downs in qualifying. The American initially managed to make it into Q3 together with Albon, but then flew off a few minutes later and landed in the barriers with his car.


Verstappen from pole position

Max Verstappen remains the big dominator after the summer break. In qualifying, the Dutchman was able to assert himself confidently against the competition in his home race on a drying track. Next to him is Lando Norris, who underlines that McLaren is still on the upswing.



Hello and welcome to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Zandvoort. The race starts at 3 p.m.