Live ticker Energie Cottbus – SpVgg Unterhaching (promotion round 3rd league 2022/2023, final first leg)



Good free-kick position for Energie Cottbus. Maximilian Oesterhelweg tries from about 22 meters with his strong right foot. However, the attempt is clearly too unplaced and ends up directly with René Vollath. There was more in it for the champion of the Regionalliga Nordost.



Niclas Anspach wins the ball high in the Cottbus half. The ball finally lands on Simon Skarlatidis, who tries it with the left from around 23 meters. However, the ball clearly flies past the goal.



We are experiencing a crazy initial quarter of an hour here. The game never rests, but goes back and forth all the time. It can carry on like this.



Tooor for Energie Cottbus, 1:1 by Jonas Hildebrandt

Cottbus is back in the game. Jonas Hofmann scores confidently from the penalty spot and loads René Vollath. The ball hits the bottom left of the Hachinger goal.



Penalties for Energie Cottbus. After a cross from the left, the ball bounces on the arm of David Pisot, who was in a duel with Timmy Thiele. This is a tough decision and please for the guests.



Since falling behind, Cottbus has been the dominant team. The guests first fall backwards and secure their own goal.



The counterattack almost equalizes. Eric Hottmann comes to a conclusion from a few meters under pressure, but the attempt clearly misses.



Nicholas Anspach

Tooor for SpVgg Unterhaching, 0:1 by Niclas Anspach

After a long ball from René Vollath, the Cottbus defense is completely unsorted. Skarlatidis finishes in the penalty area, but the ball is initially blocked. Niclas Anspach finally gets the shot again and puts the guests in the lead out of nowhere. Before that, however, there could have been an offside situation.



A minute later there is the first conclusion of the hosts. Maximilian Oesterhelweg also shoots from a long distance, the ball goes over and is not really dangerous for René Vollath.



The guests initially have more possession of the ball. Hobsch has the first end of the game from around 25 meters, but the attempt has too little power and lands easily in Bethke’s arms.



The atmosphere is extremely good for a game between two regional league teams. The fans are euphoric and whip their team forward from the start.



The ball rolls. The Stadium of Friendship is full and the atmosphere is very good. Before the game there was also a choreography by the home fans. The guests clink glasses in dark blue jerseys and initially move from right to left. The Lausitzer play classic in red and white jerseys.


There is one minute’s silence before the game starts.


The referee of today’s game is Bundesliga experienced Timo Gerach. His assistants on the sidelines are Patrick Kessel and Luca Schlosser. There is no video referee in the promotion games.


A look at the current personnel of both teams: Pele Wollitz changed his team in two positions compared to the final in the state cup. Kujovic and Thiele are new in the starting XI and replace Slamar (suspended) and Badu (bench). There are no changes at Unterhaching compared to the last league game against Schweinfurt.


However, the most famous faces of tonight can be found on the benches. Claus-Dieter Wollitz, who is in his third term at Energie, will meet Sandro Wagner, who will leave Spielvereinigung after the promotion games. The former national striker will do everything to promote his previous employer to the 3rd division with two successful games before he leaves. His opponent, on the other hand, declared this week that he would stay with Energie Cottbus in the long term and that he wanted to end his career here one day.


For both clubs it would be the long-awaited return to professional football after a few years in the fourth division. The Lausitzer got relegated in 2019 wafer-thin due to a worse goal difference from the 3rd league. The guests from Bavaria got it two years later. The last duel between the two former Bundesliga clubs was a few years ago. In 2019, both teams separated 0-0 in the 3rd division. The last game in Cottbus also ended in a draw (2:2).


Both teams had already had some time to prepare for today’s duel, since they were relatively early on as champions in their respective regional leagues. The hosts from Cottbus crossed the finish line with 70 points and a seven-point lead over second-placed Carl Zeiss Jena. The SpVgg Unterhaching even reached 86 points (more than Cottbus in four games) and was ultimately six points ahead of the Würzburger Kickers.


Welcome to the first leg of the promotion round to the 3rd league on Wednesday evening! The champion of the regional league Nordost Energie Cottbus meets the champion of the regional league Bayern the Unterhaching game association. The game kicks off at 8:30 p.m. in the venerable Stadium of Friendship.