Live ticker Dallas Cowboys – Washington Commanders (NFL 2023/2024, Week 12)

11:40 p.m

Washington remains stable

When it comes to yards gained, the Commanders are almost in no way inferior to their opponents. This drive also starts well again with two new 1st downs. However, a further break in treatment causes an interruption. It is Brian Robinson, of all people, who has to leave the field after a defender accidentally stepped on his leg while the running back was already on the ground.


No problem for Cooks


Extra point by B. Aubrey (Cowboys) to make it 3:14

B. Aubrey’s extra point attempt is good!


Touchdown by B. Cooks (Cowboys) to make it 3:13

Brandin Cooks

It’s happening really quickly here! At the 31-yard line, Prescott takes the ball and sees Brandin Cooks up front completely deceiving his man-markers. Accordingly, the leather flies quickly to the top, where a free Cooks walks for a touchdown. 3:13!

11:30 p.m

Plenty of room for Prescott

The quarterback pulls out of the pocket on the left and suddenly has a lot of space. He starts slightly hesitantly, but ultimately gets a clear new 1st down.

11:25 p.m

Field goal by J. Slye (Commanders) to make it 3:7

Joey Slye

There are almost a cowboy’s slips in the way, but in the end Slye confidently kicks the ball between the posts from 42 yards. The Commanders shorten the score to 3:7.


Screen fails

The Commanders try a screen, but are completely ripped apart. The immediate tackle creates a 3rd & 18, which Howell and Co. can’t overcome afterwards. Nevertheless, there should be the first points for Washington…

11:20 p.m

Injury interruption

After a good run through the center by Robinson, Markquese Bell remains lying on the artificial turf. Clearly the linebacker is in a lot of pain and is seeking treatment. Hopefully this isn’t anything serious.


Just a look back at the first section…


Start of 2nd quarter

The ball is back in play. We continue with the second quarter.

11:15 p.m

End of 1st quarter

The first section is over.

11:15 p.m

Strong pass at the end of the quarter!

Hardly back on the field, Howell is back in front of 3rd & 10. But the QB keeps calm and throws the leather out to Samuel on the left. Even after the catch, he still makes a few yards for a clear first down. The second quarter starts with possession of the ball for Washington!


Short pass, long run!


Extra point by B. Aubrey (Cowboys) to make it 0:7

Brandon Aubrey

B. Aubrey’s extra point attempt is good!


A touchdown by R. Dowdle (Cowboys) made it 0:6

Rico Dowdle

The Drive was dead until the Commanders brought it back to life! Half-right opens up for Rico Dowdle, allowing him to march untouched into the end zone with 18 yards remaining. Washington couldn’t handle the screen at all. The Cowboys lead!


Washington returns the favor

With the best starting position, the Commanders also make a false start, which suddenly leaves the Cowboys at 3 & 5 again. Pollard runs the missing yards and gets a new 1st down!


Unusual mistakes from Lamb!

A good play by the Cowboys is called back because of a holding by CeeDee Lamb. Immediately afterwards, the receiver makes a false start. Suddenly the Cowboys are facing 2 & 25.

11:00 p.m

Now the deep pass is in place!

Tight end Ferguson runs free through the center, although there is actually only a very small gap. But Prescott doesn’t need more in this situation and throws the egg precisely from his own end zone to the 30-yard line, where Ferguson is stopped!


Robinson drops the egg!

The pressure on Sam Howell is enormous, but he holds up for a long time! Once again he leads his offense into the opponent’s half, but on 2nd down Robinson can’t catch his short pass! On the third attempt, Howell has to get rid of the thing too quickly, which is why no colleague is ready. This is how punting happens again!


1st down again

Once again the Commanders used the first three attempts to get a new 1st down with the pass out to the right to McLaurin. Can Howell and Co. build on that?


The special team is here! Or?

At first glance, this looks really good for the Cowboys’ special team! First the punt flies directly to the opponent’s end zone, then Williams grabs the punt returner and brings him to the ground at the 2-yard line! However, the yellow flags immediately flew because Williams reached into the face mask. So the Commanders gain 15 yards!


Prescott wants the big play

Prescott brought the very first throw to his teammate. But after the punishment he became a bit cocky. Two deep passes fly over star receiver CeeDee Lamb, which is why the kicking team has to go onto the field.

10:45 p.m

Are the fouls coming now?

St. Juste makes an illegal contact, which is why an actually empty attempt by the Cowboys leads to a five-yard gain and a new 1st down. These are exactly the mistakes that Washington needs to correct in order to survive in games like this.


First bag and stop!

That was it. The Cowboys are there for the new first attempt, also because Howell can’t get rid of the leather. So the young man is sacked eight yards behind the line of scrimmage. With the next two attempts he doesn’t get a new 1st down. Dak Prescott comes onto the field!


Robinson twice

The Commanders’ running back is extremely important. On the first play of the game he ran for eight yards. On the third attempt he is allowed to run again, receives the pass on the right and takes a few steps. The next snap begins in the Cowboys half.

10:35 p.m

Game start

Kickoff in the game between the Washington Commanders and the Dallas Cowboys. The home team kicks the ball and lets Sam Howell onto the field. The QB starts from the 25-yard line. The game is running.


The anthem sounds

What would American football be without the USA anthem? A trumpet sounds through AT&T Stadium. We’re just moments away from kickoff.

10:15 p.m

A defense to fear

If any team is looking forward to problems on offense, it’s the Cowboys. The Dallas defense has already collected 51 sacks this season – seven on the weekend against the Panthers alone. 2.5 of these sacks were attributed to star defender Micah Parsons. This excellent defense also has a positive effect on the offense, which averages over 40 points in home games. This is also why the Cowboys have been unbeaten at home for twelve games. Another win would move Dallas to 8-3, which would put them back in touch with the Eagles.

9:59 p.m

How long will the trainer continue?

There have been significantly worse seasons in NFL history, but the Commanders reached a new low last weekend. Washington gave the New York Giants, led by the often hapless Tommy Devito, six (!) turnovers! This resulted in 24 points, which is of course decisive in a 19:31 defeat. Magic Johnson, who is part of the ownership group, made his frustration public. This is one of the reasons why the future of head coach Ron Rivera is already being hotly debated.

9:44 p.m

Cowboys vs. Commanders

In the second game of the Thanksgiving Games, the Dallas Cowboys face the Washington Commanders. Both teams are relatively far apart in the NFC East, which is why Dallas will probably want to use the game to attack the Eagles on the throne. The Commanders, on the other hand, want to maintain a minimal chance of getting the wildcard. It starts at 8:30 p.m.