LIVE SOON: FC Volendam explains the dismissal of the board

A press conference about the dismissal of the board, including chairman Jan Smit, is expected in the stadium at FC Volendam. NH will be there from 9.55 am, and you can follow it on all channels.

Reporter Stephan Brandhorst is there today.

What preceded it?

In the evening of November 26, Jan Smit and the other board members of FC Volendam received an email from the Supervisory Board containing an announcement of their dismissal. Jan Smit himself announced this on Monday afternoon, November 27, via his Facebook page.

The Volendam singer has been on the club’s board since 2013. He became chairman a year and a half ago. According to the chairman of the Supervisory Board, Jaap Veerman, the announcement of Jan Smit’s dismissal brings a ‘tsunami’ along with it.

Many shifts within positions of the football players and coaches this season, resulted in a shared last place for Volendam in the Eredivisie. In addition, the club presented annual figures for the ’22/’23 financial year, in which a loss of more than three million euros was incurred on a budget of ten million.

Jan Smit believed that the club should invest in professionalization and presented plans for building one new stadium.

Not present

Last night an extraordinary Supervisory Board meeting took place in which the dismissal of the entire FC Volendam board was discussed. Jan Smit decided not present to be at the meeting.

Earlier it was announced that Jan Smit himself would be the club’s business director, Frans ten Berge inactive has put. That was very striking, on the one hand because Jan’s job itself hangs by a thread, and on the other hand because the singer himself brought Frans to the club in February.

What do the people of Volendam themselves think of the singer’s dismissal? The inhabitants do not agree and would like him to stay.