LIVE ISRAEL. Israel’s army carries out air strikes on Hezbollah infrastructure in Lebanon – Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: “We will not agree to a ceasefire” | Israel-Palestine conflict

LOOK. Netanyahu responds to Israeli soldier’s liberation: “We will cripple you until you fall at our feet”

What we know now:

• A big attack of terrorist group Hamas arrived in Israel almost three weeks ago more than 1,400 people cost my life. More than 200 people were also kidnapped. Since then, it has been extremely densely populated and controlled by Hamas Gaza Strip by the Israeli Air Force bombed. In addition, already more than 8,300 people passed away. Thousands of people were also injured on both sides.

• Israel has of at least 229 people confirmed that they are being controlled by Hamas held hostage in Gaza. Being among the hostages several people with a foreign passport. Hamas reports that there about fifty hostages killed are the result of Israeli attacks. The terrorist group does not say whether this is due to Israel’s own attacks, or whether hostages were executed in retaliation. Four hostages were released.

• After series of aerial bombardments and smaller ground operations, the intensity of the Israeli ground offensive increased on Friday, although without the operation being called that. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Saturday spoke of a “new phase” of the war against Hamas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks of a “long and difficult” battle that aims to “destroy Hamas” and the hostages held by the organization to liberate.

• While many countries essentially support Israel’s right to self-defense, there are also voices more and more criticism on the large-scale bombings and the many civilian casualties that fall under this. The International Criminal Court has announced war crimes on both sides of the conflict.