Live blog: supporters clash after European drama for AZ

AZ is on the eve of a historic semi-final. Will it be possible to reach the final of a European tournament this time? We have reporters in the stadium, but also downtown. Don’t miss anything about this match in our live blog!

West Ham scores in stoppage time…. Substitute Fornals makes it

“All or nothing”, the stadium sings again.

We’re in the 90th minute. AZ needs a goal very quickly, otherwise the Alkmaarders will be eliminated.

The spectators chant “all or nothing”. Jansen brings Mees de Wit for Milos Kerkez. Mexx Meerdink replaces Jesper Karlsson.

In the 83rd minute, West Ham captain Declan Rice tapped the ball just wide of the wrong side of the post.

A completely harmless ball from De Wit is almost worked into his own goal by Thilo Kehrer. Keeper Areola sticks out a leg just in time to prevent AZ’s lucky hit.

Ladho replaces Van Brederode. AZ still has fifteen minutes to crack the code of the London safe.

Hatzidiakos just hands in the ball, after which West Ham can become dangerous, but does not score.

In the 70th minute, the moment of the first substitution is there. A midfielder for a midfielder. Dani de Wit enters the line with loud cheers, while Sven Mijnans leaves the field to applause.

In the 66th minute, central defender Hatzidiakos, who has come forward, fires at the goal of the English. The goalkeeper saves.

Pavlidis seemed to be pulled to the ground in the penalty area, but referee Kruzliak waves it away and the VAR also does not respond to AZ’s pleas to put the ball on the spot. We are 59 minutes into the game and it is still 0-0.

Mijnans shoots and goalkeeper Areola has to save. AZ starts the second half convincingly.

In the 48th minute, Kerkez put the ball in front from the left, but the ball went past everyone. It remains 0-0.

Both coaches have decided not to switch halfway through. The second half has started and AZ needs to score at least once to level with West Ham United.

AZ only had one chance in the first half. It is 0-0 halfway through and that is not enough to reach the conference league final.

In the 40th minute, AZ really threatens West Ham’s goal for the first time. In the end, Sugawara’s shot resulted in no more than a corner kick.

In the 28th minute, the completely detached Said Benrahma shoots the ball well over. There was more to it.

Lucas Paquetá curls the ball from just outside the box on the post. AZ is doing well there. It remains 0-0.

A cross from the right by Van Brederode is just too high for Pavlidis to hit his head against it.

In the 17th minute the first real danger. It comes from the visitors from London. Jarrod Bowen shoots the ball wide of AZ’s goal. Score is still 0-0.

The atmosphere is good in the opening phase. The stadium is almost bursting at the seams. “Stand up if you are for AZ”, the spectators sing en masse. Despite the enthusiasm of the stands, there have not been any great opportunities in the first nine minutes.

Will AZ repair last week’s 2-1 deficit?

Jens Odgaard is not part of the return against West Ham United. The winger has too much trouble with his toe and is replaced by Myron van Brederode. Jesper Karlsson and Milos Kerkez form the left flank.

The hockey players of Amsterdam have started the semi-finals for the national championship with a good feeling. They kept title holder Den Bosch at 1-1. Marijn Veen took the lead, but Sanne Koolen equalized just before time.

Things went a little less rosy for Hurley (Amstelveen), debutant in the play-offs. They went down against Stichtsche: 0-1. The return of both semi-finals is next Saturday.

Among the men, the Amsterdam Pinoké and Bloemendaal are still in action.

Since moving to the current stadium in 2006, AZ has played 64 European home games. Of these, 37 were won and only 9 ended in defeat. The rest of the matches ended in a draw. A nice statistic to draw hope for tonight.