Lisa Marie Presley lost a lot of weight and used opioids again

Lisa Marie Presley previously struggled with opioid addiction for years.

Died of cardiac arrest at the age of 54 Lisa Marie Presley was buried at Graceland on Sunday, January 22. According to TMZ’s sources, weeks before his death, he began a drastic diet.

According to sources within the Presley family, Lisa Marie went to a plastic surgeon and started taking diet pills. He lost more than 22 kilos in six weeks. According to the source, Presley wanted to be at his best when the gala season begins.

According to the claim, Lisa Marie, who had struggled with drug addiction for years, was using opioids again.

Lisa Marie Presley was 54 years old when she died. PDO

Lisa Marie made her last public appearance at the Golden Globes on January 10. He arrived at the gala with his mother, Priscilla Presley. Lisa Marie was seen slurring her words and walking with a limp. According to many, he seemed unwell at the gala.

He even had to take support from his old friend and manager once during the interview About Jerry Schilling.

Two days after the gala, Lisa Marie passed away. According to TMZ, Lisa Marie complained of stomach pains on the morning of her death. His heart stopped twice on January 12 and the second time led to the death of the star.

The Elvis movie received three nominations at the Golden Globe gala. There are eight nominations at the Oscars. PDO

Lisa Marie was in such bad shape when she got to the hospital that the family banned CPR. He was declared brain dead at the hospital. The doctors put her into a coma with the help of drugs, and Lisa Marie spent her last moments on a ventilator.

The Elvis movie released last year received three nominations at the Golden Globe Awards. The Best Actor in a Drama Award was presented to Austin Butler, who played the demanding role of Elvis.

At the Oscars held on March 18, the film is nominated in eight different categories.

Source: TMZ