Lips: what is Lip Blush, permanent makeup effect

Lhe Lip Blush technique on the lips is experiencing a moment of great attention: widespread in the early 2000s, its current version is much more delicate and guarantees a natural mouth, giving greater symmetry and homogeneity both at the morphological and chromatic level of the lips. With an effectiveness that makes many prefer it to lip filler.

The Lip Blush technique for perfect lips

From lip tattoo to lip blush, the name has evolved, the technique has been refined but the purpose has remained the same: not only improve the appearance of the lips but above all give them a sort of permanent make-up with a natural effect. 20 years ago it was Christina Aguilera and the Spice Girls who appreciated the aesthetic benefits of the lip tattoo.

In the last two years it has been back in trend: there Yelp platform reported a 130% growth in research done online on this technique. Added to this is the viral success on TikTok which has made this treatment a valid alternative to the filler.

Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber Instagram)

How lip blush works

The lip blush has a procedure very similar to microblading but, despite being a real tattoo on the lips, it is natural.

Until a few years ago, in fact, the procedure involved the use of pigments in mostly cold shades that “hardened” the mouth, also because only the contours were redesigned. Today, however, the technique is much softer. Version 3.0 first of all provides a highly customized result which is based on the natural color of the mucosa, which will eventually turn out only slightly darker.

Furthermore, all lips are “colored” and no longer just the perimeter, so as to have a softer, suffused and natural effect.

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How to perform the Lip Blush

Just like tattoos, lip blushing is also done with micro needles. Before starting, the particularly sensitive area is numbed with a lidocaine cream.

It then proceeds in two phases: during the first you create the design and choose the nuance based on the natural color of your mouth. Then we move on to the actual treatment with a coloring of bioabsorbable pigments applied with needles that slightly pinch the lips, so as to redesign them.

After about a month, the color tends to “discharge” so as to leave one shade brighter than the basic one but always and in any case very natural. And any retouching is possible. Without upsetting the volumes.