Lions & sheep of the San Marino–Finland match: The Finn’s mistake gave birth to a national celebration

San Marino–Finland 1–2.

Richard Jensen slipped in vain and caused a foul. This resulted in a historic San Marino goal. Jussi Eskola

Viljami Sinisalo

Exeter City

Expected debut at adult national team level. Had no saves. Couldn’t help the quality of Berardi.

Try Soiri


Surprise! 1–0 came from Veskar’s poke, but he finished nicely in the second. More background climbs were needed.

Arttu Hoskonen


Butt to the post. At times, it could have been even faster to move the opponent’s shape. Didn’t go for risky passes.

Richard Jensen


A needless slide caused a tougher in extra time. The mistake caused a historic goal and a national celebration in San Marino. It had never scored in three consecutive matches.

Tomas Galvez

Manchester City

Right from the start I ruined the place. A Premier League-level backhand pass for a 2-0 goal. A great qualifying debut with promise.

Robin Lod

Minnesota United

One serve to Galvez. Couldn’t make progress with the ball near the home team’s box. Substitution at half time.

Lucas Lingman


Too many stray passes in the beginning. After the opening goal, it was possible to make better use of the spaces, when the low block made it easier.

Glen Kamara

Leeds United

Fell into too difficult attempts in the opening period. With the other, he found spaces better within the form. Didn’t dominate.

Tomas Galvez assisted Pyry Soir in his qualifying debut. Juha Tamminen / AOP

Daniel Håkans


San Marino knew who was up against them. Got immediate pressure as a ball. Couldn’t pass by driving.

Teemu Pukki

Minnesota United

Handsome finches were to bring the goal. In the second period, the goal was disallowed. Came out better after the break.

Robert Taylor

Inter Miami

Lots of long shots and crosses. However, it was left without power. In the opening period, it was difficult to get into the game.

Joel Pohjanpalo


Messed around with the people from San Marino in the pit. One good shooting position was wasted. Could have done.

Jere Uronen

Charlotte FC

Came from the exchange in a rarer way to the right wing. A couple of attacks arose from there. Responsibility is decreasing in Huuhkaj.

Jere Uronen’s minutes have been few in recent matches. Jussi Eskola

Kairinen too

Sparta Prague

A little on the ball. Surprisingly few assists. Everyone went their separate ways. Basic presentation from the substitute. Open in real games.

Benjamin Källman


Difficulty starting, even though I got enough minutes to show. Tammisaari bull’s streak is on the wane.

Fredrik Jensen


Got Kanerva a good 10 minutes at the end. He had time to give a couple of good focuses in the box. There was no successor.