The first surprise took place at the 2022 World Cup. Saudi Arabia had a big surprise by defeating Argentina. “This is a very hard blow for everyone, we didn’t expect to start like this,” said Lionel Messi, who scored his team’s only goal in the match. said.

    Here are the words of Messi;

    There are no excuses. We will be together more than ever. This group is strong and has shown it before. We knew that the Saudi Arabian players were also very good, moving the ball fast and having offside tactics. We worked on these, but we hurried in the match.

    This is such a hard blow for everyone, we didn’t expect it to start like this. We must focus on the future and win. It’s up to us.

    It’s hard to blame anyone. We didn’t intend to start this way. We have no excuse. There are some reasons for this. Basically, we have to remember what kind of team we are and forget about this game and think about the next games.