Lionel Messi in trouble in China – Police stopped him at the airport

The Argentine’s passport was a headache. Messi didn’t help his situation with the fiery question about Taiwan.

Lionel Messi may be the world’s most famous soccer player, but even he can’t get away with anything if there are problems at the border check.

The superstar’s journey to China to meet other Argentina national team players got additional challenges when the border authorities stopped Messi when he arrived in the country on a private plane.

According to Reuters, Messi’s passport did not entitle him to travel to China. Messi was on the move with his Spanish passport, which he is also entitled to thanks to his playing years in Barcelona.

A Spanish passport allows visa-free travel to Taiwan, i.e. the Republic of China, but not to mainland China. To get there, Messi should have applied for a visa in advance.

The video of the situation shows how the situation turns chaotic due to the language barrier and the confusion of Messi and his entourage.

In the video, Messi waves his passport and says something to the authorities, trying to clarify his situation.

– Isn’t Taiwan part of China? Messi asked the Chinese at one point, according to Reuters.

Lionel Messi was visibly confused by the behavior of the Chinese authorities. Viral Press / Reuters

The issue is very sensitive in China. China wants to annex Taiwan. The smoldering political powder keg between the countries is feared to explode even into an international conflict.

In addition to the visa ambiguity, the Chinese police and border guards wondered why the Argentinian Messi did not have an Argentine passport with him. Messi said he left it at home.

Messi and his entourage, which also included Angel di Maria mixed Leandro Parades had to wait for a couple of hours under the pressure of the authorities, before the visa granted with an exception allowed Messi to be freed from the trap.

The reason for Messi’s trip to China is Argentina’s away tour. The reigning world champion team will face Australia and later Indonesia in a friendly match on Thursday.

At the club team level, Messi will move to America next season. After two seasons at the Parisian club PSG Flea will present his skills at Inter Miami in the future.