Linda de Mol does not share her long-awaited column about the abuse scandal surrounding The Voice of Holland for free. One is encouraged to pull out the wallet. “Buy LINDA. here!”

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    After nine months, Linda de Mol finally comes up with a response to her role in the Voice abuse scandal. In particular, there is a lot of criticism of her foreknowledge in the Ali B and Jeroen Rietbergen files. Today she already has a little taste posted online, but one is encouraged to pull out the wallet for the entire column.

    ‘I swear on my kids!’

    In her column, Linda responds to the statement that her (ex-) lover Jeroen Rietbergen, the former band leader of The Voice, released in January. He hinted in that statement that Linda was aware of multiple misconduct, not just one.

    According to Linda, that’s not right, the preview shows. “I literally could not comprehend that – due to an incorrect sentence in Jeroen’s statement – ​​I was partly blamed. I knew, and I swear to both my children, about nothing at The Voice.”

    Keep silent about Ali B

    Linda is also blamed for not doing anything within Talpa with her early knowledge about the alleged misconduct of Ali B. She reiterates that she made that decision at the request of his alleged victims. “Suddenly I was also the one who might have enabled Ali to continue,” she bellows.

    She does not put her hand into her own bosom, but points with an angry finger at others. “The question of why I also had to pay for this, I can’t get an answer to this day.”

    “Buy my magazine!”

    If you want to read Linda’s entire response, you should pull out your wallet. “This is only a small part of Linda’s story. You can read her full editorial in the new LINDA., which will be in stores on Wednesday 21 September. Prefer home delivery? Order the number via the button below”, it says on the website of her magazine.

    It delivers below the Instagram post from LINDA. some critical comments. For example, Precious says: “Why in your own magazine? Good for commerce I guess. Now you want people to buy your magazine for the story and you also earn from it! Gets a bad taste in my mouth from this.”

    ‘Make money again!’

    Rosemary also doesn’t think it’s chic of Linda. “I would just share the story, without making money (again)…”

    It makes sense, of course, that the makers of LINDA. hope for a significant increase in single-copy sales, as the magazine’s circulation has plummeted since the Voice scandal. “Yes, it has really gone down. That scares you and you find that annoying,” editor-in-chief Karin Swerink said earlier.


    The preview of Linda’s story: