A huge change of course in Crailo: the fallen TV queen Linda de Mol has stopped bashing celebrities. In her latest column she doesn’t demolish one and that’s a bit boring.

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    Linda de Mol has emerged as the Michella Kox of the A-stars in the past year, but that seems to have come to a sudden end: her latest editorial in the LINDA. contains no sneer at a well-known colleague. No tease punch, no ugly reference, nothing. And that is a bit of a shame for the show media.

    Rioting Linda

    We had just gotten used to a Linda who was rioting nicely. Those studio lights threw at the ‘intensely false’ Angela de Jong, who accused Beau van Erven Dorens of seeking sensation and described Rob Goossens as an ‘expert’, so in quotes.

    Two months ago, Linda started throwing mud at Marc-Marie Huijbregts, Mick van Wely and Yvonne Coldeweijer. And last month she shared a sneer in her column about the Nick & Simon interview with Eva Jinek.

    Course change

    Now, a month later, Linda is back on the shelves with a new LINDA. and guess what? Her column is old-fashioned boring again. There’s a bit of moaning about how she doesn’t feel like Christmas. A lot of self-pity, but not a single sneer at a celebrity. And that is quite a change of direction.

    Telegraaf reporter Jordi Versteegden finds it striking. “She blamed everything and everyone at first, but now she keeps it a little more to herself and looks ahead to a difficult month ahead,” he says on the newspaper site.

    Well written

    It’s good that Linda is finally keeping it to herself for once, Jordi thinks. “I think this column is very beautifully written, precisely because she keeps it to herself. Now I’m starting to understand her.”

    His colleague Wilson Boldewijn: “She first had that column that she really rejected. Everyone got it, especially the media. Now she has written a very subdued editorial. That may also have to do with the criticism that was received.”

    Close chapter

    Linda finally listens to the criticism, Jordi thinks. “Naturally. She has a good manager, Xenia Kasper, who of course manages all of this very well (Jordi has been on holiday for a long time, ed.).”

    The one thing everyone’s still waiting for is a big interview with Linda, who still has to answer questions about her role in the Voice abuse riot. “She doesn’t really want to talk about her private life in the media yet. At some point, of course, she has to close the chapter.”