Lilita Carrió of exchange: advertising, clothing design and politics

In the Civic Coalition They laugh when talking about the most histrionic side of their founder, Elisa Carrió. At 67 years old, in the midst of a retirement from active politics that no one dares to consider definitive, the former deputy shows her charisma on Instagram and Twitter: She models for her brand, Bylilitas, and even got a chair cleaning job: “You have to help entrepreneurs,” she often says.
“I spread propaganda, because they are doing the test here. They clean and laminate the chairs,” says Carrió, looking at the camera. Next to him is Lucas, brother of a leader of the Civic Coalition of Pilar’s party, who gratefully agrees with what “Lilita” points out. Then, they show the process of renovating their furniture. And her daughter completes: “Mom is happy with the chair that is like new.”
It was not the only advertising that he put in in February: “Everyone come to Jorge’s hair salon, in Capilla del Señor,” he wrote on Twitter. posing next to the coiffeur. The co-founder of Together for Change has the luxury of entertaining herself online, although she also remains attentive to the current political situation.

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Carrió walks the path that separates Exaltación de la Cruz from the Federal Capital once a week. On Wednesdays he teaches at the Hannah Arendt Institute and the leaders of the Civic Coalition take advantage of the day to meet her and exchange impressions.

“The biggest concern he has these days is for retirees.”as well as during the debate on the omnibus law, what was emphasized to us most was the need to put a stop to the delegated powers,” says a deputy from his space. He also spoke about the rapprochement of Mauricio Macri and Javier Milei: “It was inevitable”she was heard saying to someone who had already anticipated the PRO’s move during the campaign.

When deemed necessary, Carrió sets up a conclave in his house and makes the leaders of the Coalition travel. Since he had already gone to Uruguay at the end of 2023, this year he did not take vacations outside his farm: “He never leaves in January because he has the theory that whenever a year begins something important happens,” says a collaborator.

Last weekend he felt the need to speak publicly again, so that “people know what they voted for”. “He anarchocapitalism It is a political philosophy and an economic theory that is totally anti-state. He is not a republican, seeks to abolish the state”, he assured. Regarding Milei’s presidency, he indicated: “He didn’t lie. What is caste for him? It is everything that has to do with the State. It is not the criticism of an oversized or gnocchi State, which I share. It’s more than that: It is the State itself that he wants to abolish. “Everything has to be managed by private systems,” he concluded.

This 2024 was a furious start and found “Lilita” in her political retirement. Although the former deputy channels all her charisma on the networks. And you exchange it for her.

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