Elisa Carrio already blessed Horacio Rodriguez Larreta in the Together for Change bid: he ensures that his anger with Mauricio Macri It didn’t happen and they don’t talk anymore. Already Gerardo Morales and Patricia Bullrich lower the price.

    “Dresses, I spoke well of you”, the president of the Civic Coalition told the Head of Government of Buenos Aires at the end of the year, after the legislative elections, in which JXC prevailed over the Frente de Todos.

    They shared then, on a Saturday morning in Luján, the celebration for the two decades of the political space that the former deputy presides over. And Larreta, who had traveled almost 100 kilometers to be present, he took after the pat on the back a challenge.

    Carrió reproached him for did not take enough care of María Eugenia Vidalwhich despite the victory in the city of Buenos Aires, where he headed the list of deputies, appeared as defeated in the inner circle.

    The former deputy also reproached him for choosing Fernando Straface as campaign manager. “You can’t subject a candidate to ten acts a day, because you don’t take care of her that way,” she crossed him. Later she would tell him, in front of everyone, that he is the best manager in Argentina. Lilita style.

    In this context, Carrió fired against the Government, but also against the opposition. And they received their respective hooks to the chin Cristian Ritondo, Enrique “Coti” Nosiglia, Emiliano Yacobitti and also indirectly Martin Lousteauwhom the president of the Civic Coalition does not want as Larreta’s successor.


    For that matter, Carrió does not want the cousin of former President Mauricio Macri, the former mayor of Vicente López, to compete for that place. George Macri, who today is first in the preferences in the city, and is recognized for his good articulation with the Larretista ministers.

    To the new minister of Larreta He treated him at the time as a “criminal” and complicated the candidacy on a couple of occasions. But they were able to rebuild the relationship, they say in the surroundings of Jorge Macri, in the last stretch: when the cousin of the former president went to the house of “Lilita”.

    Carrió prefers to bless Vidal in the Buenos Aires inmate anyway, although he distrusts and denies a key man in his environment. The president of the PRO block in Deputies, Christian Ritondowho is a candidate to compete for a place to be governor of the province of Buenos Aires for Together for Change.

    Christian Ritondo

    I don’t shut up anymore”, warned Carrió at that event, while some joked under their breath: “Have you ever been silent?” Y “he fell several“, were the interventions of those who listened to her.

    “I did not leave a party that had corrupt to come and speak with the privileged sons of those corrupt, who managed purple stripe with the greatest corruption known in history”, he shot at the leaders of the Radical Civic Union.

    The target was a historical figure in the crusades of Carrió, “Coti” Nosiglia. But extension, his political subjects: Senator Martín Lousteau, the son of “Coti”, Juan Nosiglia, and Emiliano Yacobitti.

    Carrió rescue Gerardo Moralescurrent president of the UCR, and faults in that process Facundo Maneswhom he accused ofmythomaniac” last year during the campaign. “This boy has now entered politics to be president in two years,” he said, calling it improvised and opportunistic.

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