Lil Nas X: Will his next album sound like Brazilian funk?

At a press conference, Lil Nas X stated that he would like to venture into the genre.

The fact that Lil Nas X is an extremely versatile artist has been known since his country rap megahit “Old Time Road”. For his next album he could venture into another genre. As Lil Nas X revealed at a press conference, he would like to try Brazilian funk.

Lil Nas X’s creativity knows no bounds?

During a press conference on Saturday (September 9th) at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Lil Nas X answered questions from journalists. The rapper traveled to the Canadian city to present his first film. The documentary “Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero” captured the rap star’s meteoric rise and was shown to an audience for the first time at the festival.

When asked in the question and answer session what genres of music he would like to devote himself to, Lil Nas X initially gave “folk music” as an answer. After a pause for thought, the next answer was: “Brazilian funk”.

Brazilian funk, also known as favela funk, is a mixture of hip hop and Miami bass, which is primarily characterized by danceable rhythms. The genre originated in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. For a long time, the popularity of Brazilian funk was limited to its home country. However, the musical style, similar to reggaeton from the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, gained international popularity. Artists like MIA and Diplo have also tried their hand at Brazilian funk.

Maybe Las Nas X will be the next artist to experiment with these sounds. The queer musician also indicated in the press conference that he always likes to experiment and try out new things. When asked whether he also saw himself in the role of director, he replied: “Oh, something will definitely happen.”

When and where the documentary “Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero” will be released in Germany is currently unclear.

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