Lifetime Achievement Oscar: Liv Ullmann, Samuel L. Jackson and Danny Glover awarded

THEpicture it at Dolby Theater this trio consisting of Liv Ullmann, Samuel L. Jackson and Danny Glover: Honorary Oscar also known as Governors Awards Honor. But that everyone knows and will know from now on as a Lifetime Achievement Oscar given in 2022.

Not a bad group of declared stars such after 4 films in the cross. But no, the legend of Nordic cinema and beyond, and the two black actorswith careers of over 50 years and beyond, they met and greeted each other warmly at the gala dinner organized at Fairmont Century Plaza HotelLos Angeles.

Lifetime Achievement Oscar: Liv Ullmann, Samuel L. Jackson and Danny Glover

To be even more precise, Danny Glover went to the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Awardand among the winners there was also Elaine Mayanother legend of cinema (actress, director and screenwriter of films such as The heartbreaker, Heaven can wait And Primary colors – Oscar nominated as a screenwriter in 1976 and 1999).

Samuel L. Jackson, Liv Ullmann and Danny Glover. (Getty Images)

Liv Ullmann – born in Tokyo in 1938 to a Norwegian father, and universally known for her collaboration with Ingmar Bergman – was introduced by John Lithgowwhich emphasized her unique ability to be an interpreter refined and wonderfully empathetic.

Excited, the actress recounted her modest years in Norway, gesturing to a table of friends who had come with her from the country: “It’s up to them to say it’s true, I won an Oscar“. He was thought of Jessica Chastain for the introduction of Liv – who directed it in 2014 in Miss Julie -, but the very strict protocols of the evening dissuaded many actors appointed to avoid any risk of infection.

Oscar 2022 for Lifetime Achievement

John Lithgow and Liv Ullmann. (Getty Images)

Spike Lee movies, those of Quentin Tarantino, the role of Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “According to IMDB, a career of over 152 films”, underlined Denzel Washington regarding the curriculum of Samuel L. Jackson (born in 1948).

In reflecting on all the years of the set Samuel recalled the credits of the first projects: “member of gang number two”, “beggar” and “black dude.” He then thanked the agent, the manager, the publicist and the lawyer “to guarantee everyone together and always a lifestyle in which it is nice to know what the next job will be “.

Elaine May, rare case of a female director in the 1970s

Bill Murray, Elaine’s chaperone, he called it ‘probably the most beautiful and intelligent woman with whom I have worked “. Very short in her speech, May was the only one in the evening to mention the Ukrainian situation: «They told me that I would be introduced by Zelensky. Thank God they got Bill. ‘

To Danny Glover (born 1946), famous for his roles in C.olore Violet, Lethal Weapon And Angelsartistic and humanitarian merits have been recognized: as a labor advocate and United Nations ambassador. Actress Alfre Woodard presented him with the Oscar.