Lidstaten will geen geldigheidsbeperking op rijbewijs van 70-plussers | Inland

It comes with a specific money check on the rijbewijs of 70-plussers. There is also a requirement for medical control that is carried out on the patient. The European Ministers of Mobility have arrived at a bijeenkomst in Brussels.

The European Commissie had already made the material available and had the opportunity to return. In countries such as Belgium and Germany there is always a medical control in the 70-plus years Commission. The result of the hair assessment is to understand that the eyelids are also tested for a different test, so that they can be tested for self-assessment.

Maar zo ver komt het dus niet. The ministers who want to take action with the European Parliament must ensure that the state of their own accord can be decided on an eventual shortfall in money transfers from the rijbewijzen voor autobestuurders vanaf een bepaalde leeftijd, alsook over the voorwaarden voor een lenging ervan.

The Belgian minister Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo) was given a committed test and welcomed and approved. Other bestuurders “Zijn van nature voorzichtiger, leggen kortere afstanden af, meestal overdag, en op Because of the ze good know,” responds hij. “The ordering of the river should be addressed differently, especially in the same language with the people.”

The ministers are also responsible for the administrative administration of the funds from 10 to 15 years. Voorts speak about the digital devices, available on smartphones, in this case as a standard. The rule of thumb was announced in 2030. The fysieke rijbewijs – zowel the paper model as the bank card model – blijft real ook money. Vanaf 2033 wordt the Europeanse rijbewijs in bank card model which obliges and verdwijnt the papers versie.