Licensing committee gives Ostend ten extra days to…

Ostend was called by the licensing committee for an interim check regarding the payment of outstanding bills for, among other things, social security and withholding tax. The football association itself is also still waiting for Ostend money. If the club does not pay off its debts on time, a new points deduction will in principle follow. He already received it earlier this season. Ostend was penalized for the third time for its outstanding bills at the end of last year and had to hand in nine points. On appeal, the coastal team saw that punishment reduced to six units.

Because Ostend is now in advanced takeover discussions with a number of potential investors, who would have the necessary cash to pay off Ostend’s debts, the Belgian Football Association gave the coastal team some more time.

“Certain debts that were not paid at the time have still not been paid because it concerns a significant amount. An amount that can only be paid if there is a buyer. However, we are at an advanced stage with some potential parties and that could “We also have to prove to the licensing committee. That is why we were given a deferment of payment until March 18. By then we must be able to prove that the money has been paid. If not, a new points deduction is indeed a possibility,” Oostende wrote on its website. website.