Liam Gallagher: This is why bands are better than solo artists

He believes that “nowadays no one wants to be in a band and share in the success.”

It is probably well known by now that Liam Gallagher likes to express his opinions eloquently. In a recent interview, the former Oasis singer explains his dislike for current solo artists. In his opinion, they are only focused on themselves and their own success, instead of sharing achievements with a band.

“It’s a shame!”

The 51-year-old made this statement in a conversation with “Guardians”, where he was a guest along with his colleague John Squire to talk about their joint album. There is currently neither a name nor a release date for this, but that doesn’t stop the two of them from already praising it properly. Along the way, Gallagher explains why a band – or the collaboration between him and Squire – is better than being a solo artist.

“It’s a shame,” he introduces and continues: “Nowadays no one wants to be in a band and share in the success. It’s all about ‘I, I, I’ solo stars.” The singer also expressed this opinion, albeit referring to himself, in 2022. At that time he explained that he found his life as a solo artist boring and that he ” “I would much rather be in a band where everyone plays music together.”

“We were both surprised at how well it fit”

Former The Stone Roses guitarist John Squire said: “I think we were both surprised at how well my guitar tone suits his voice, and how well the songs I’ve written suit him,” Gallagher added adding, “He definitely knows how to write a damn song.”

Her current single “Just Another Rainbow” is also very well received by her listeners. The track rose straight to popularity since its release on January 5th It reached number 16 on the UK Top 100 Singles Chart.

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