Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff have a tough discussion

Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari contract is mirrored in the last season of the Drive to Survive series.

Lewis Hamilton begins his last season as a Mercedes driver. PDO

The streaming giant Netflix scheduled the premiere of the sixth season of the popular Drive to Survive series just for the last day of the F1 tests.

Although the season focuses on the events of the calendar year 2023, there are also references to this season’s biggest news bomb: sir Lewis Hamilton for the transfer from Mercedes to Ferrari.

The series features a fascinating conversation between the team manager Toto Wolff and between Hamilton. The Austrian was clearly trying to swear faith in Hamilton’s championship chances.

– For me personally, the development leap taken by Aston Martin during one winter shows that if we get the concept and balance of the car right, we can win the championship, Wolff began.

– But I really don’t want to wait until 2026, when the engine rules change, he continued.

Hamilton just stuck to that year 2026. At the time of the discussion, he had a binding contract with Mercedes for 2024 and possibly a two-year option on top of that, the use of which he himself could decide.

– I don’t want to wait either. You can be here 20 or 30 years, but I won’t, Hamilton replied to Hamilton.

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The comment clearly raised Wolff’s suspicions.

– But who says that?

In particular, the British press has focused its attention on Hamilton’s subsequent reaction.

– These are precious years for me. I don’t know, Hamilton hinted.

Now we know that the Briton had already started his negotiations with Ferrari. The contract was leaked to the public at the beginning of February.