Let’s continue: ‘We will get quite a lot of sun at the end of this week and next week’

You still have to persevere, but over the course of this week and next week the weather will get better and better. “Then we get quite a lot of sun.” Johnny Willemsen from Weerplaza said this on Monday morning in the radio program ‘WAKKER!’ on Omroep Brabant.

“The weather this Monday won’t make you very happy,” agrees the Weerplaza weatherman. “But the rest of this week is quite okay. Today it is rainy, both in the morning and the afternoon. In the afternoon the rain gradually decreases. It is quite chilly. The temperature is around 5 degrees. The wind is blowing and because of that wind it feels like it is barely above zero degrees.”

“Tuesday may start a bit gray, with some fog or low cloud.”

Monday evening will be dry and it will cool down towards freezing at night. “Tuesday may start a bit gray, with some fog or low clouds. Then the sun will gradually break through and then it will be about 8 degrees. There will be hardly any wind. Very different from this Monday.”

There will be a few more degrees on Wednesday. “It will also be dry, with sunshine. Then it will be 10 or 11 degrees.”

“There is quite a lot of sun in the forecast.”

According to Johnny, the weather forecast for the following days is a bit more uncertain. “Thursday and Friday it will not remain completely dry, but it will remain mild at a temperature of 10 degrees or more. If I look even further ahead, to Sunday and next week, I expect quite a lot of sun. “Spring weather with We call this a large diurnal cycle in meteorology. This means: a large difference between day and night temperatures, but often dry and sunny.”