Leontien van Moorsel thinks André and Monique look grumpy

Leontien van Moorsel does not have the idea that André Hazes Jr. and Monique Westenberg happy together are. She thinks the two look rather grumpy on their stories from Schiphol.

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The flashing light relationship of André Hazes jr. and Monique Westenberg was once a hot topic, but is getting more and more boring. The two posted yesterday stories from Schiphol, where they were waiting for their holiday flight to the Caribbean, and that makes relatively few tongues loose.

On holiday

There are constantly changing sounds about their being together. One says that they only visit each other in the context of their son, the other says that they are getting married in the sequel to his docusoap. Bee Show news they think the first, because they think that André and Monique look rather grumpy at Schiphol.

Show connoisseur Bart Ettekoven: “The ‘Carib’ has a nasty edge, because the last time they went to Bonaire together, the bomb actually burst there. Then they came back, André left and fled into Sarah’s arms, so the previous holiday to the Caribbean did not end very well.”

‘In every direction’

Patty with a wink: “But they have also come out of a toilet that the weather was good.”

Dyantha: “I want to say. That André was on holiday with Bridget and eventually went back with Monique.”

Bart: “It can go either way. Especially now that Yvonne announced yesterday on her Instagram channel that André would have a very nice time with a Latina lady and that he is actually not really looking forward to Monique anymore. To what extent is that a surprise for Monique and to what extent does it spoil the atmosphere during this holiday?”

“I can imagine that Monique has some questions in response to such a post,” he says.

Not cozy

Patty: “He has nothing more to ask, does he? This is just a family vacation, isn’t it?”

Dyantha: “Can’t it just be that this is perfect co-parenting? That she no longer hopes for a relationship and that they just go on holiday as a family? And not as lovers?”

Patty: “Well, given the atmosphere in the lounge where everyone is on their phones…”

Dyantha: “Well, well, you’re not talking to Antoine there, are you?”

Studio guest Leontine van Moorsel then: “I didn’t think it looked very cozy either.”

Patti: “No.”

Dyantha thinks hers: “Yes, but I always think that… It’s Schiphol and not a dinner, right?”


Yvonne’s story about the alleged Latina in André’s life: