Lenny Kuhr is angry with the AvroTros and calls the broadcaster ‘disrespectful’. According to the 72-year-old singer, she is out of the program The big Eurovision party cut, which aired last night. ‘The roof came off in the Ziggo The troubadourbut I couldn’t be found in the broadcast,” she wrote on Twitter.

    A total of 31 Eurovision participants from the past and present came to Amsterdam in November to showcase their well-known Eurovision hits. Sandra Kim, Johnny Logan, OG3NE and Lenny Kuhr, among others, were present. The spectacle, presented by Cornald Maas and Edsilia Rombley, was broadcasted yesterday.

    Kuhr, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1969 with the song The troubadour, however, is downright surprised that she can’t be found in the broadcast. And that while she was a guest. In fact, the singer even states that ‘the roof went off’ during her performance. But that’s what viewers like The big Eurovision party not received.

    ‘Disgraceful and unfortunate’

    Removed without notice. Disrespectful,” she tweeted. Fans of Kuhr call the action of AvroTros ‘outrageous’ and ‘unfortunate’. Others write that they indeed missed her performance. ‘ I, and probably many others with me, sat up in vain The troubadour to wait.’

    In a response, AvroTros regrets that Kuhr was not aware of the decision not to broadcast her performance in advance. ‘The big Eurovision party is a 2.5 hour event. A television registration of ninety minutes will be made of this event. It was known in advance that the event was too long for the TV registration and choices had to be made. We are sorry for Lenny that she was not aware of this beforehand,” said a spokeswoman.

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