Leevi Mutru, 28, ended his career – Took over the audience

A special moment was seen in the Lahti combined race.

Mutru says that he will continue his studies, which according to him are going well. Stock photo. PASI STOVE LAND/IL

Leevi Mutru28, has ended his racing career.

In the last race of his career, Mutru finished 54th in Lahti. At the end of the skiing, he breezed through the finish line and took over the wild home crowd.

The combined team of Finland celebrated with Mutru with champagne bottles at the finish line.

Last week, Mutru justified his decision to quit with financial and health reasons, which bring uncertainty to the future.

This is how the race progressed

Eero Hirvonen finished sixth in the race.

Hirvonen started on the track seven minutes from the lead. Hirvonen did not catch the top in the skiing, the difference in the final results of the top is a good minute. There were more than 15 seconds left to reach the podium.

The combined race was only decided at the finish line. In the end, Austria won by 0.1 seconds Johannes Lamparter. Countryman Stefan Rettenegger was another. Estonia took third place Kristjan Ilves.

Finns were also there Ilkka Herola (11:s), Perttu Reponen (27:s), Otto Niittykoski (32:s), Arttu Mäkiaho (32:s), Jesse Pääkkönen (51:s) and Valtteri Holopainen (52:s).