04/12/2022 at 19:03


    The young Portuguese striker has a contract with Milan until 2024, which has valued him at 150 million and wants to raise it to 200

    Madrid focuses that investment on trying to sign Haaland and Endrick before investing that money in the Portuguese striker

    Rafael Leão, 23 years old, He is one of the strikers sound to reinforce the attack of Real Madrid the next season. However, the Portuguese occupies a second line in the objectives that the white club has, which focus on Endrick and Haaland for 2024. I like the Milan striker, he is young, he has talent and a goal, but its price is too highmoney that they reserve to attack the signings of the Brazilian and Norwegian striker.

    Chelsea probed the signing last summer of the Milan striker, but he did not even present the offer he had prepared when they told him that If he wanted the scorer, he would pay his clause of 150 million euros. Since then, the rossonero club try to extend the contract of the player, which ends in 2024, for raise the clause to 200 million of euros. A prohibitive price that Madrid is not willing to pay.


    The only door that the Madrid team opens to Leao would not renew and arrive for free in 2024an option that I would value the next season once they are revealed unknowns raised today by the signings of Endrick and Haaland. The Brazilian, 16 years old, is the target of several teams with an open bid in which there are economically powerful clubs with PSG at the helm. In the event that the whites end up winning it, he would not arrive until he turns 18 in 2024.

    The case of Haaland, 22 years old, it’s even more confusing. He signed a contract with Manchester City until 2027, but rumor mill claims that he would have an exit clause in 2024 worth 180 million euros to teams that do not play in the Premier. If the note is confirmed, Madrid would go to the market to try to sign him. In case one of the two failsEndrick or Haaland, the Real Madrid would consider the signing of Leao, but never paying the money that Milan wants. Also, he is a player who interest other teams like PSG and City, which would further complicate his signing.