Leaning tower in Bologna closed due to fear of collapse: “Situation is very critical” | Abroad

The Garisenda Tower in Bologna is currently closed due to concerns about possible instability. The tower is 47 meters high and has a slight inclination, similar to that leaning tower in Pisa. As a precautionary measure, the city government has erected a 5-meter-high barrier to restrict access. They state that the situation is considered “very critical.”

One of the two striking towers in Bologna’s skyline, it was built between 1109 and 1119. In the fourteenth century the tower was shortened due to the threat of tilting. The architectural masterpiece is immortalized in Dante’s poem “The Divine Comedy,” completed in 1321.

Concerns were raised about the tower’s stability in October, when sensors and inspections showed materials at the base were deteriorating. The city government responded immediately by closing the site and launching a civil protection plan. Currently, the construction of the 5 meter high barrier is considered the “first phase of securing the tower”.

Race against the clock

The restoration entails significant financial burdens. The city estimates that the construction of the protective barrier alone will cost €4.3 million and has therefore launched a crowdfunding campaign. The municipality calls on both the residents of Bologna and enthusiasts worldwide to contribute to the preservation of this historic monument.

The city emphasizes the extraordinary challenge and importance of joint efforts to preserve the tower. The closed tower and surrounding square will remain inaccessible for several years due to the necessary restoration work.

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