Leadership quake at BVB? Aki Watzke leaves the future open

Managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke has left his future at Borussia Dortmund open beyond the end of his contract in 2025. The long-time BVB boss does not want to comment on rumors about his potential successor.

In an interview with the “Ruhr Nachrichten”, Watzke reaffirmed his plan to speak to club president Reinhold Lunow at the beginning of the year about his prospects at the top of the club.

Watzke announced that he would give his “personal assessment”. “Then we will analyze the situation calmly and amicably.” Until then there will be “no water level reports,” the entrepreneur from Sauerland made it clear.

Watzke reacted coolly to speculation that current marketing boss Carsten Cramer could take over his position. “I see no reason to take part in succession discussions at the moment,” said the 64-year-old.

Watzke explained that he “didn’t care at all” whether he would still be in office as club boss at the next BVB championship. After the last-minute knockout in the title duel with FC Bayern last season, Borussia had to “readjust itself a bit”.

BVB: Last Watzke extension in the middle of the corona pandemic

“You can only become German champion in a year in which Bayern Munich is not playing at its best. At some point it will be that time again. As long as there is another club that can spend 200 million euros more on the salaries of its players every year, “The chance of winning the title remains an exception for us,” said Watzke, who initially acted as BVB’s treasurer in 2001 and moved up to management in 2005.

Watzke last extended his contract in spring 2021, in the middle of the corona pandemic – even though he had originally planned to leave in 2022.

“I know my responsibility towards this club very well. It is completely impossible for me to leave the ship in the greatest crisis,” he told the “Handelsblatt” at the time.