Lazio-Milan, Lotito against refereeing: “The limits have been exceeded”

The president of Lazio was harsh after the match against Milan: “We need to think of a third body regarding the referees. We will assert ourselves in the appropriate bodies”

Elmar Bergonzini

March 1, 2024 (modified March 2, 2024 | 00:47) – MILAN

So much nervousness. So much frustration. Lazio doesn’t fit. After the controversy following the home defeat against Bologna two weeks ago (referee Maresca), the Biancocelesti, defeated 1-0 by Milan at the Olimpico, rebelled against Di Bello’s match direction. Three expulsions, countless controversies. After the press silence with which Lazio tried to make noise following the defeat against Bologna, this time the club spoke. President Lotito did it himself: “When the game takes on these characteristics, other bodies have to intervene and evaluate what happened, because the reliability of the system is lacking – he stated -. When this happens, third-party institutions have to intervene and we will do everything to ensure that evenings like this are not repeated. In sport you have to win on merit, today this did not happen and unimaginable limits were exceeded. Thus values ​​are lost. I come to speak to prevent the words of my parents from being exploited members. The whole team will assert itself in the appropriate offices. Everyone present today saw what happened. If the system is not reliable we need to ask ourselves to solve the problem. There are episodes that have been repeated for some time. There have been many errors this evening. Whoever is a referee should understand what the balance is. No common ground was found, there was no common sense.”


No clarification with Di Bello: “I don’t talk to the referees, I don’t usually have relationships with them – continues Lotito -. I don’t know anything about Di Bello, not even where he comes from, but I saw how he refereed. I believe that the League should have a third-party management, because it is no longer possible to guarantee the impartiality of behavior and judgments”. A quick comment on the match: “The team remained down to 8 men, yet they fought until the end so as not to lose as perhaps some expected. I can’t blame the boys for anything. In life, however, there are values ​​that must be respected. With Sarri there is no conflict. We have a dialectical confrontation to compose, not to divide. If the results, as in this case, do not depend on him or the team, we must take this into account. Tonight’s defeat was a forced defeat Sarri has our trust, he has never been questioned. We just need to look forward. Tonight Lazio lost, but it was a death foretold.” Finally to the fans: “Have faith, I know the public is saddened. We just have to look to the future.”

The Lazio president’s line was also reiterated in the press conference. “The boys left mortified, defrauded and violated, this is the exact term. I don’t know what UEFA thought when they saw the match, certainly our situation in Italy is perceived as particular within the European system. We will adopt a behavior that all citizens take on when there is a violation, conscious and not involuntary, of the rules. It is not up to me to say if this is the case, it will be the bodies that will decide. I don’t have to explain what the move will be. The team is mortified, it has had a trauma of a psychological nature. She asked herself ‘what the hell is happening?’. These are behaviors that will need to be analyzed in the appropriate bodies. They are institutions to which citizens turn to enforce compliance with the rules. In the League we have made a resolution voted to “the unanimity with which we asked to leave the Federation because there are no conditions to remain in the system. To date there is a unanimous position on what has been decided to do, there is no happiness within the Serie League A. This evening, we as Lazio have suffered economic damage. The fact is that the system loses credibility. Whoever is in charge should propose remedies, but he doesn’t. At this point, so as not to suffer any more, we turn to the institutions to correct the violations of the rules. From an institutional point of view, since I am a senator of the Republic, I will turn to the relevant institutions.”