Lauri Markkanen lost in New York – a blow to the Utah Jazz

The Brooklyn Nets made a clear mark on the Utah Jazz.

Lauri Markkase didn’t have the best game day on Monday. Troy Taormina

The Brooklyn Nets beat the Utah Jazz 147-114.

The home team’s victory was never in danger, and Jazz’s head coach Will Hardy even admitted that the team was run over.

– The opponent had a bigger workload. Simply put, Hardy summed up, according to ESPN.

Lauri Markkanella it was a quiet evening. The Finn, who got 27 minutes of playing time, scored 13 points and grabbed nine rebounds. The throwing game was far from the usual level: doubles 4/12, triples 1/4.

Despite the loss, the Jazz, who stayed above the playoff line, will continue their games in New York. Next night, Markkanen and his partners will face the New York Knicks.