Later shock – PSG throws Bayern out

The Bayern women fight back in a rousing game and have chances of reaching the semi-finals themselves. But then things get dramatic – the decision is made in extra time.

What a football evening in Paris – with a very unfortunate end for the women of FC Bayern Munich. In the quarter-final second leg of the Champions League, the team around captain Lina Magull did not go beyond a 2: 2 (2: 1, 1: 1) at Paris St. Germain. Due to the 1:2 home defeat in the first leg, the Munich team is out of the premier class.

Sandy Baltimore put the hosts ahead in a thrilling game (17′), Saki Kumagai (19′) and Lea Schüller (55′) turned the game around for Bayern, before Ramona Bachmann (112′) equalized late in the game 2nd half of extra time shattered all the guests’ dreams. As in the first leg, coach Jens Scheuer’s team was the more dominant team, had more possession and more chances. In the end, however, Bayern failed because of the cleverness of the French.

The live ticker to read:

120th minute +2: Off. Referee Straubli whistles. Big drama in Paris. 2: 2 after extra time: PSG reached the semi-finals of the Champions League – and FC Bayern was eliminated after a great fight. But the Munich team really demanded everything from the favorites and would have deserved to be in the last four themselves.

120 minutes: Once again there are two minutes on top. Two minutes left for Bayern to force a penalty shoot-out.

117 minutes: The Munich women are running out of time, the guests storm forward angrily, force two corner kicks at the same time – but nobody brings anything.

112 minutes: It happened there! The 2: 2 for Paris. Ramona Bachmann takes a cross from Lawrence perfectly in the middle of the Bayern penalty area, turns, pulls in the middle of the Munich defenders and hits the far corner in a confined space, Leitzig is powerless. Is that the decision?

Kick-off 2nd half of extra time: The last 15 minutes.

105th minute +3: … which also bring nothing.

105 minutes: There are three minutes of overtime.

104 minutes: Bachman again. The striker initiates the chance herself, is used by Diani in the middle of the Bayern sixteen – and like Magull on the other side shortly before the end of regular time, Bachmann also pulls far too centrally. No problem for Leitzig.

99 minutes: Moment of shock for Bayern: Kumagai’s back pass to Leitzig is far too short, the FCB keeper and PSG attacker Ramona Bachmann both want to get the ball, and the Swiss hit Leitzig on the knee. Leitzig can also continue.

97 minutes: Short breather: Schüller gets a hard corner kick full on the body, stays down. But she gets up quickly and can continue.

Kick-off 1st half of extra time: The “extra time” begins.

End of regulation time: A thrilling game in the second leg of the quarter-finals gets overtime. Bayern deserved it, with an energetic performance, the Munich team fought back in a game that was wild at times after the 2-1 defeat in the first leg. Even more: Shortly before the end of the game, the guests had several chances to make everything clear. Does it work in overtime?

90 minutes +3: Referee Straubli whistles. It’s actually overtime. What a thriller in Paris.

90 minutes: There are three minutes of added time.

89 minutes: Unbelievable. Lina Magull gets a shot in the center of the PSG penalty area – but her shot is almost returned to Votikova. The Bavarians are negligent with their chances – and that shortly before the end.

86 minutes: That could have been the decision for Bayern: Bühl prevails in front of the PSG penalty area, pulls away – but her shot flies just over the goal. Drama just before the end of regulation time.

79 minutes: And almost in return the chance for PSG: Baltimore crosses from the left, Gwinn deflects directly in front of Katoto’s feet – Leitzig clears her shot with a great reflex. It could have been for Bayern.

76 minutes: Next chance for Bayern: Simon hits a sharp cross from the right, which suddenly becomes very dangerous for Votikova – the PSG keeper is just able to fend it off.

71 minutes: Symptomatic of the current PSG game: a rude foul by Aminata Diallo on the left flank against Lohmann. Bayern are making the clearer impression right now.

69 minutes: The hostesses can’t think of much at the moment. The passing game was too imprecise, the attacking efforts too timid, which repeatedly bounced off the Bayern defense.

63 minutes: Small correction: Bayern’s 2-1 was now credited to Lea Schüller, who had deflected Bühl’s shot.

62 minutes: Bayern are getting better and better: Simon tests Votikova with a long-range shot, the Czech only has the shot safely after following up.

Cheers among the Munich women around Klara Bühl (middle). (Source: Sarah Meysonnier/Reuters)

55 minutes: 2: 1 for Bayern! What a game in Paris. Simon finds Bühl on the left, who goes into a one-on-one with Ashley Lawrence in front of the PSG penalty area and pulls away – unstoppable for Votikova. Now everything is finally open again. As of now, it would go into overtime.

52 minutes: A big chance for PSG shortly after the change of sides – and again a defensive mistake is the cause: Bayern’s goal scorer Kumagai loses the ball in her own half, Katoto plays in the penalty area on the left to Baltimore – but she misses.

Kick-off 2nd half: We continue in Paris.

Halftime in Paris: Thrilling game between PSG and Bayern. Everything seems open. Both teams had their chances, both teams had their uncertainties. The Munich team played happily and even seemed better at times, but PSG came through their cleverness and strong individual skills. It remains exciting to see what the second round will bring.

45 minutes: But the hosts are also shaking: Sydney Lohmann hits a ball in the direction of the PSG penalty area, Votikova storms from the box to clear Beerensteyn – directly to Bühl. But Bayern can’t do anything about the defensive mistake.

Battle for the ball between PSG and FC Bayern.  (Source: imago images/Michaela Merk)Battle for the ball between PSG and FC Bayern. (Source: Michaela Merk/imago images)

42 minutes: Take a deep breath on the other side: Bühl and Viggósdóttir waste the ball in front of their own penalty area, Kadidiatou Diani pulls into the box, but Geyoro misses their cross.

37 minutes: But Bayern keep up. At least. The next chance: Simon free-kick from inside left, Glódís Viggósdóttir checks Votikova with a header, but the Czech goalkeeper saves it safely.

26 minutes: feat by Leitzig. Marie-Antoinette Katoto gets through on the right, moves into the Bayern penalty area, then crosses, Grace Geyoro takes a central shot – and Leitzig deflects the ball over the goal with a foot defense.

19 minutes: 1:1 – the direct equaliser: Carolin Simon hits a free-kick from the inside right into the hosts’ penalty area, Lea Schüller heads the ball, PSG keeper Barbora Votikova lets it bounce off – right in front of Saki Kumagai’s feet, who dusts off and brings the Munich team back into the game.

17 minutes: 1-0 for PSG. It’s bitter for Bayern: Baltimore hits a corner kick into the Munich penalty area, the ball comes straight back to the PSG star, who takes another shot from the edge of the penalty area – and her high cross sinks over Leitzig into the goal. The goalkeeper looked unhappy.

15 minutes: First top chance for Bayern: Sharp cross from Lineth Beerensteyn from the right, first Klara Bühl misses the ball with a volley attempt, a rebound comes back to the national player, whose second attempt is blocked.

3rd minute: The hosts play straight forward: the Munich team lose the ball in their own half, and then things go quickly. Sandy Baltimore’s attempt from a distance misses Janina Leitizig’s goal.

21 clock: The game at the Stade Sebastien Charlety in Paris will be kicked off by the Swiss referee Esther Straubli.

8:57 p.m.: Bayern go into the game with this line-up:

8:55 p.m.: Welcome to the live ticker of the game Paris St. Germain against FC Bayern Munich. Kick-off is at 9 p.m.