Lars Duursma fears permanent damage to Beau: ‘Not that smart’

Communications expert Lars Duursma fears that Beau van Erven Dorens has suffered permanent damage due to his bad TV interview with Gordon. “This is a really clear lesson.”


Beau van Erven Dorens has made himself completely ridiculous in the eyes of many people by conducting such a bad, uncritical interview with Gordon. Is this the man who has to interview all kinds of politicians and ministers on behalf of RTL 4? This is of course not the best advertisement for Beau, says communications expert Lars Duursma.


Lars points out in the podcast The Communicados that Beau has a certain stature to uphold as a talk show host. “Yes, what I don’t understand is that Beau doesn’t seem to understand that what he does in one program has an impact on his credibility in the other program.”

Other talk show hosts wouldn’t be able to afford this either, Lars explains. “Suppose Eva Jinek were to present a program that has nothing to do with journalism. Then people will look at her talk show differently when she doesn’t ask a single critical question in that other program.”


For the viewer, the separation between Beau’s various programs is not nearly as clear as it may be for himself. He sees an unjournalistic Beau and sees no further dividing line. “Beau should realize that here too. That what you do in one program has an impact on the other program.”

Colleague Victor Vlam fully agrees with his argument. “That’s right, I agree with you. And that’s why it was a very unwise move to invite Gordon. Ruben Nicolai, one of the other guests, has not been involved in a riot, so there is no strict need to ask him all kinds of critical questions.”

The tie

It is purely inviting Gordon that has ruined Beau, according to Lars. “That’s actually right there the mistake they made. But I agree with you, because Beau also presents a talk show. He also has to interview ministers there. We expect a certain level of journalism from him. Indeed yes.”

Lars: “Okay, a clear lesson for Beau.”