Lamine Yamal and a mother’s fear

He still can’t drive. He is not old enough to go to discos. When she laughs, you can see her dental braces and one would say that she still hasn’t shaved. She is only 16 years old, everyone who follows football knows it, but it is repeated here because the data amazes in a redundant way with each dribble, each feint and each shot on goal. A more than relevant protagonist in the victory against Villarreal in his second consecutive title. He even came out applauded by the public of La Cerámica. lamina yamal to the apparatus.


The Brazilian served his second game ban and should start biting his nails. Lamine Yamal has taken advantage of Xavi’s audacity. He was sparkling at home against Cádiz, in his debut as a starter, and in Ceramics he behaved like a footballer who knows he is good and feels important. In the summary of the game you will see the pass of the first goal to Gavi and the shot to the post in Lewandowski’s goal, the fourth, but if the summary is comprehensive, another post will come out with the right, feints with fantasy and, above all, daring . We need daring footballers like him. But not Dembélé, let’s hope he’s happy in Paris. Lamine knows the pause, when he challenges the full-back and never gives the Frenchman’s giddy feeling. He was declared the MVP of the match. That said, Raphinha trembles. And may he not spoil us.


Alfonso Pedraza, 27, trained at Villarreal but who has worn the shirts of Leeds United FC, Alavés and Betis, swept through the tolls as if he were a truck without brakes and in the process ended Sergi Roberto’s career as a right-back. Anthological attacking match of the left back, participant in two Villarreal goals. He only had one problem: holding down Lamine Yamal, the 16-year-old boy who confronted him insolently. The most relevant of the game, wonderful madness, happened in that band that Pedraza and Yamal toured. It can only be added in this block that as soon as he arrives, Cancelo points to a permanent starter.


Surely the Villarreal and Barça coaches will have abundant video work to review the game and correct defects. Neither team felt protected despite playing with four midfielders. The give and take, chaotic from a strategic point of view, was the most fun for the spectators. “We have lost control and we don’t like to suffer so much,” said Sergi Roberto, team captain.


Robert Lewandowski opened the scoring account of the season, perhaps the easiest goal of his career, the team’s fourth. But it is worth noting the second goal scored by Ferran. “How many minutes are you going to need to score today?” Sergi Roberto revealed when he asked him at lunch. “Only two”, answered the Valencian striker, confident. He played more, but lived up to the cockiness. A struggled goal, rather ugly, but full of faith. “He is hungry, he has ambition, he believes it. He is clear, he wants to succeed at Barça,” Xavi said after the match.


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And let’s close this block as we started it, talking about Lamine Yamal, because everyone is going to do it. Xavi has already been asked about him again. Categorical. “He is not a starter at the whim of the coach, he is differential, smart, he chooses well, the decision making is almost always the correct one, that is the most important thing. He is a footballer to mark an era, I hope he will be here for many years, but with tranquillity”. So calm down.


And a little more about Lamine Yamal, with a Moroccan father and a Guinean mother. She came out to speak after the game: “I try to take advantage of the opportunities that the coach gives me, I go forward and that’s it.” And she was funny when they asked her if she felt afraid. “Luckily, I’m not very afraid, I try to do my thing, which is to play football. My mother is sometimes afraid when she starts.” The lack of control of fame, it is supposed, of excessive expectations, of the voracity of Barça. A justified fear of a mother.