‘Ladderzatte’ bomb pilot causes violent accidents: 8 months in prison

25-year-old Stan B. from Heesch has to spend eight months in prison and is not allowed to drive for five years. He will receive these sentences for two serious traffic accidents in 2021. In one of these, a 57-year-old woman from Oss died, in the other, very serious accident, six months later, only people were injured.

The court charged B. with the fatal accident in Oss in January 2021, because he drove too fast on a dark and rainy evening. The cyclist did run a red light, but the judge thinks that B. drove too carelessly.

What the court took seriously was that Stan B. had not learned much from that fatal accident. Only six months later he caused a huge collision on the A50.

Two weeks ago, the public prosecutor demanded another year in prison, a five-year driving ban and a separate community service order for the fatal accident. However, the court decided on one eight-month prison sentence with a further six months probation.

233 kilometers per hour
Stan drove a Golf GTI at 233 kilometers per hour on a Mercedes convertible in July 2021. The convertible was just overtaking a truck at about 95 kilometers per hour. Both cars then flew off the road and it was a miracle, the officer emphasized two weeks ago, that everyone survived.

The public prosecutor was short of words about B’s actions. “If you have consumed almost 4.5 times too much alcohol (2.21 promille), you should not drive, but lie in bed and sleep it off. This is Russian roulette, driving so fast with so much alcohol.”

Whole chorus of angels
The victim who was in the convertible that was hit, said in an emotional victim impact statement during the hearing that he had not had one angel, but an entire choir on his shoulder. And Stan and his friend, who was also in the car, were also very lucky, he thought. To this day, the man suffers from the consequences of the accident. Among other things, he broke a vertebra.

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