Rolando’s Stain were the opening acts at the event for the militancy day who led Cristina Kirchner at the Diego Maradona de la Plata Stadium. He got her to the Buenos Aires capital by helicopter, when the gang led by Manuel Quieto It sounded on stage mounted in the former Único and in front of 60 thousand people.

    And set the climate for the appearance of Cristina Kirchner after 7:40 p.m., under the motto “The strength of hope” and under songs of “we’re going back”, where the incumbent president promised to recover the standard of living that existed towards the end of her second term.

    An open repudiation of the current management, which Kirchnerism openly criticizes today. In fact, Manuel Quieto This was stated in July on Twitter, where he is an active polemicist: “They want to make Alberto collapse. But Alberto was born collapsed”. “When you fight with a jerk and 10 years later you forgive him, don’t be surprised if you find yourself with the same jerk you fought with, but 10 years older,” added the musician who is a close friend of former Vice President Amado Boudou .

    A relationship that made the band the favorite of the kirchnerista songbook, but also of the contracts for pro-government and related shows, during the second presidency of Cristina Kirchner. What allowed La Mancha de Rolando to bill millions.

    In 2013, in its 1919 edition, NOTICIAS gave an account of the band’s numbers. “In 2011, in the middle of the presidential campaign, La Mancha de Rolando had become almost an organic part of the ruling party.. Amado Boudou would go up to play with them in proselytizing acts. Still, he put on the Clarín Lie t-shirt while he positioned himself as a new rock hero of the K youth, loudly defending his friend Amado and CFK herself”, that note read.

    “At the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013, the presentations of La Mancha under the banner of the Government multiplied. A summer tour of four shows in one week along the Atlantic Coast, a concert for Open Digital Television from the Néstor Carlos Kirchner Olympic Stadium in Palpalá, Jujuy. There are other modalities: municipal celebrations inside are also the best income”.

    The Ministry of Culture itself, the organization directed by Jorge Coscia, became a virtual recruitment agency of the group and in several cases he would be in charge of paying the total of his cachets. A show of theirs is not cheap: music market sources speak of 60 to 80 thousand pesos,” reported NEWS. To the dollar of those times, between US$ 15 and 20 thousand per presentation.

    The band was then appearing at B festivals but with premium band caches: the “Carlos Tejedor Student Festival”, the “Youth Month in Machagai” (Chaco), “The National Rice Festival” (in San Salvador, Entre Ríos), the anniversary of the municipality of Allen, in Rio Negro . “La Mancha came through the Ministry of Culture. And the Secretariat paid the cachet ”, they then confirmed to NEWS about an armed tour from politics.

    2013, in terms of billing, was a generous year for Manuel Quieto and his band. More than twice as generous as in his days as Vice Boudou’s rocker side. NOTICIAS then accessed the figures of its complete liquidation in SADAIC. In 2011, at the height of the official campaign, she earned 65,000 pesos in the first quarter of the year (15,000 dollars). In two years that figure doubled to 140 thousand pesos. 30 thousand dollars per semester, US$ 90 thousand per year.

    Quiet Manu and Amado Boudou

    With the shows paid for by the national government, La mancha de Rolando specifically obtained $1,876,933 in 2013, the majority for the program “Festivals For Everyone” that led the band to play in several cities in the province of Buenos Aires, in Jujuy, Corrientes, twice in La Pampa and two other times in Tierra del Fuego.

    In addition, he added a date in Santa Fe with the “Cultural Equality”. Several boxes for the band that also received money from university festivals, such as those organized by the UNTreF (they received funds from Julio Due): another 750,000 pesos for shows according to Border Periodismo, the site run by Maria Julia Olivan.

    Then Quieto crossed the journalist, former host of “678” at the beginning of the program: “And you @mjolivan how much did you bill?? Because it is known that you live from the State!”, he wrote on Twitter. “Culiblando virgin reporters explode in anger before neighborhood kids who play their songs for sweaty and ecstatic crowds,” she added.

    “While Boudou was at La Rosada, La Mancha de Rolando billed at least 4,812,009 pesos with 84 cents for shows sponsored and organized by the national government in different parts of the country and always free admission. That is to say, an average of 1.2 million pesos for each year of Boudou vice president”, published Border in 2017. At the rate of a quarter of a million dollars per year.

    Hoy Quieto, who composed the song called “Fuerza Cristina” (“Together more than ever, strength Cristina”, marks the lyrics) returns to the first scene after years of lower profile (he had promised: “If Macri wins, we’re going to live in Mexico”). And he crosses references critical of the ruling party in networks such as Santiago Maratea, whom he accuses of doing “anti-politics” and receiving money from the billionaire George Soros and from the same organizations that bank the liberal influencers “El Presto” (linked to Brenda Uliarte, detained for the assassination attempt against Cristina Kirchner) and “Danann”.

    by RN

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