La Rosea, for the start of the World Cup, will be released in big format and with a free special featuring the covers and indelible services that retrace the history of the tournament. In short, it will be a collector’s number

    Collectible. Tomorrow at 17, with Qatar-Ecuador in the field, the World Cup will officially kick off. And to celebrate the event, the Gazzetta dello Sport becomes maxi. In fact, on newsstands you will find a Rosea in big format with no less than 64 pages. Like it was a book. But there’s more.

    gift pages

    Because in addition to the latest news on the rosters of the teams (and not only) of our correspondents, you will find a 12-page spine as a gift. A special that collects the front pages but also the most iconic articles related to the history of the World Cup published by the Gazzetta. In short, it will be a number to keep, because emotions are not erased.