Kyllikki Saari was murdered – Pappi was caught

In the new series, an unsolved murder is investigated.

Talolini’s daughter Auli Kyllikki Saari died in the spring. His body was not found until the following fall. IL archive

Only 17 years old Kyllikki Saari was murdered in Isojoki in May 1953. The perpetrator has never been caught.

A year and a half ago, a historian Teemu Middle Series published a non-fiction book about one of our country’s most famous unsolved murders. Since then, he has been thinking about whether it should be made into a sequel.

– There are always more special things about Papi, Keskisarja justifies its intentions in its new series Teemu Keskisarja and dead people.

By priest, he refers to Kauko Voitto Kanervo, who was the priest of Kyllikki Saari.

– He was a violent, life-threatening predator, whose blood literally splattered after him, because he had an obsession with virgins, Keskisarja explains.

Kyllikki Saari was cycling home from a devotional service on a spring night when she disappeared. The body ended up in a bog grave. IL archive

According to Keskisarija, the priest’s relationship with Kyllikki was not innocent.

– Pastor Kanervo abused Kyllikki, and Kyllikki was certainly not the only one. A 16-year-old priest’s child in Kihniö. The sisters sing in the Isossakyrö church choir. Many of the girls Kanervo stalked, chased and caught on the highway and in the forest.

In the series Kyllikki, who went to the same religious school with Saare, tells about his experience in Kanervo Aino Tukainen.

– I was afraid of Kanervo when he came near me. He was a lecherous type.

Keskisarja and his assistants are considering whether it would be possible to open the grave of Kanervo, who died in 1977. I am especially interested in the man’s leg prosthesis. It could be matched with a men’s sock, which was found in Kyllikki Saari’s shoe. The shoe was found before the body near the swamp grave. A sock with the end cut off was stuffed into the shoe. Kanervo’s left foot was amputated as a result of a threshing machine accident.

Teemu Keskisarja praises his research assistants Kaisa Kautto and Eeva Tamme as efficient data collectors. Over

In the new TV series Keskisarja and his two assistants Eva Tammi and Kaisa Kautto actually focus on the Tulilahti murder mystery. Two young women who were camping were killed in Heinävedi on a July night in 1959. The murderer was never caught.

However, before the events of Tulilahti, the trio goes through the murder of Kyllikki Saari. The question arises whether it could have been the same factor.

Teemu Keskisarja and dead people on Areena and TV1 on May 22. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.