Kroos: “My head surprises me more than my body”

As of: February 13, 2024 9:30 a.m

Before the game with Real Madrid at RB Leipzig, Toni Kroos spoke at the UEFA press conference about his current form and also whether he is interested in a DFB comeback.

Top form, best values ​​and currently indispensable for Real Madrid. Toni Kroos is still full of energy and still has high goals for the Royals. “You always have to be motivated, that’s the most important thing. You still enjoy winning titles – otherwise you won’t make it”said the 34-year-old before the first leg of the round of 16 in the Champions League on Tuesday (February 13, 2024), which can be heard live at and in the app at RB Leipzig. And it is also important for him “I pay a lot of attention to the fact that the body cooperates.”

“Already at the highest level at 17”

Nevertheless, the Greifswald native surprises with one statement: “My head surprises me more than my body. I started very young, at 17, at the highest level, dealing with all the pressure. I thought I’d make it to 32, but it’s my head that surprises me, it’s natural Excellent.”

That sounds anything but like farewell. Therefore, the Real star, who was the only German player to win the Champions League five times – four times with Real and once with FC Bayern Munich – leaves his sporting future open.

“Think about it National team after”

And that twice. Will he extend his contract again at Real, where the 2014 world champion is considered an icon? Is he making a comeback after 106 international matches in the German national football team?

“I don’t know yet, to be honest, I’m still thinking about it, I haven’t made a decision yet. The truth is that I’m satisfied, I’m happy. And if a lot of people want me to continue playing, then that’s it positive signal”said Kroos. He said meaningfully about the future of the DFB: “I think about it, there is the possibility.But he also emphasized: “I’ve always said I want to finish my career at my highest level.”