Kristiina Mäki suffered from a strange ailment after the first half-marathon race of her career.

    Kristiina Mäki competed in the Olympic final last year. PDO

    Finnish-Czech Kristina Mäki30, ran his first career half marathon over the weekend.

    Mäki was second in the race run in the town of Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic and clocked a time of 1:13.57. After the competition, Mäke was troubled by a special pain.

    – My legs don’t hurt, but my backside does. I don’t know what went wrong, he wondered Czech site for Idnes.

    The last kilometers were difficult for Mäki, because he had to run alone. Kisan won Ukraine Valeria Zinenkovawho was three minutes faster than Mäki.

    – I ran the last four kilometers against the wind. It was awful. The wind annoyed me. I think the time would have been better if someone had run with me and blocked the wind. I can still improve

    Mäki’s season has been busy, as he ran to the semi-finals of the 1,500 meters at the World Athletics Championships in July. He was sixth in the European Championship final in Munich.

    More than 2,000 runners participated in the Ústí nad Labem half marathon. Mäki hopes to be able to participate in the half marathon in the future as well.

    – Yes, but that moment may be far away, he referred to his career.

    Mäki has won two 1,500-meter and five 5,000-meter Finnish championships in his career. This year, he celebrated the cross-country championship gold.

    The runner’s father is Finnish and mother Czech. He represents his mother’s home country at the national team level.

    Last summer, Mäki reached the Olympic final in the 1,500 meters and was 13th.