Kristiina Mäkelä won her tenth Finnish championship.

    Kristiina Mäkelä was crowned Finnish triple jump champion for the tenth time in his career.

    – Tenth Finnish championship, joke! Mäkelä made it known even at the interview point.

    Happiness took care of everything. When you add Mäkelä’s current performance level to that, you don’t have to wonder where the joy comes from. The best jump of the competition was 14.41, and there was a special detail attached to it.

    – The best one started from behind the plank. If I had made it to the plank, what a jump it would have been, Mäkelä beamed.

    The heaviest of Mäkelä’s career was seen in Eugene, and it was a slice that was seven centimeters longer.

    A fellow competitor Senni Salminen took silver with a jump of 14.29.

    To eat with my mother

    Kristiina Mäkelä jumped to first place in Joensuu. Mikko Lieri/AOP

    Mäkelä said that he jumped in the qualifying “swiping”. That was the intention, so that there would be bangs in the final.

    This season’s top woman has established her level so hard that she can reach the finals of the competition with a routine performance. However, there are significant changes behind it.

    – The direction moves have already been taken before, when we set out to reach the level at which we can reach the final. So the work has already started so that at my level I could reach the last three rounds in the finals. When jumping, you no longer feel like you have to stretch yourself to a whole new level, and that’s a good thing.

    Mäkelä was going to enjoy the tenth gold in full sips before turning his eyes to Munich.

    – I wouldn’t have believed in even one SM gold when I was 15 years old. The first came a year later. That’s what life is, when you work hard, you can apparently achieve something like this.

    – Now I’m going to eat with my mother and spend proper mother-daughter time. I took him on this trip as a driver, so we can spend his last day of vacation together, Mäkelä smiled.

    “Hair dust”

    Senni Salminen was aiming for gold, but got silver. Mikko Lieri/AOP

    Senni Salminen’s best result in the final was 14.41 in the first time. The SE woman flagged four oversteppers.

    – Maybe the wind had an effect. My rhythm is a little off. It is not entirely clear whether I accelerate harder or more relaxed. We have to come up with something for that quickly.

    Salminen’s second measured result was 13.81 meters. The season’s best is 14.32 and the Finnish record jumped last year is 14.63.

    – The fourth jump felt really good. When you get the run to come in the right way, you’re setting records. No doubt.

    Salminen’s brother, long jumper Kalle Salminen was watching Saturday’s final from the stands. On Friday, he won the first men’s long jump Finnish championship of his career.

    The Senni sister believed that the spectators were not satisfied with Saturday’s final.

    – Didn’t give my brother a hard time. I bet I get to hear my hon. He looked pretty grumpy in the stands. There will probably be a lot of hair, the triple jumper laughed.

    Salmi has a good week to get the running in order. The three-point qualification will be jumped at the European Championships in Munich on Wednesday, August 17.

    The final is two days later. In his career, Salminen has never reached the finals of the adult competition.

    – Before Munich, we will take it easy. Training is focused on running.