Kristen Stewart arrived without panties on the red carpet – The outfit divides opinions

Actress Kristen Stewart’s outfit was not to everyone’s liking.

The revealingness of Kristen Stewart’s outfit surprised many. PDO

An actor Kristen Stewart33, shrugs in his outfit Love Lies Bleeding at the premiere of the film. Stewart is acting Rose Glass directing and writing one of the main characters in the film.

Stewart arrived on the red carpet in a black bodysuit with an open back. Underneath the body were black tights. Mirror– and Daily Mail – according to the magazines, the cut of the outfit made it clear that Stewart had no panties or bra under it at all.

The actor’s outfit also included a jacket, which he sometimes held on his elbows. She completed her outfit with rings and black heels.

Kristen Stewart arrived at the event in a revealing bodysuit. PDO

Sometimes the actor covered his upper body with his jacket. PDO

Stewart’s outfit divides opinion, especially on the X app. For some, the revealing outfit was too much and did not flatter the actress at all.

– He looks sickening. Her lower end barely remained hidden.

– I know we live in the “not interested in other people’s opinions” era, but that outfit is confusing.

– I like her, but I don’t need to see her labia!

– That looks like a sumo wrestler’s outfit.

– Tasteless.

– I’m confused. If she hates attention, why wear an outfit like that?

Many thought Stewart’s outfit was downright glamorous. Some even thirsted to know where the outfit was sourced.

– She is literally a goddess, and could do anything to me.

– I need this outfit for myself.

– He is so hot.

– Great outfit.

– So beautiful!

Stewart became famous Twilight – film series, the first part of which was released in 2008. Since then, he has starred in, among others Spencer-, snow White and the Hunter – and Charlie’s Angels – movies.

Stewart is engaged to be an actor and screenwriter by Dylan Meyer with. The couple only went public with their relationship two years after Stewart revealed in 2017 that he was bisexual.